Medieval and Renaissance Astrological Houses

In this page, you will find the astrological houses that were used from the Middle Ages until the Renaissance by Geomancers. Advice them to find the house of the question before casting the shield chart and the house chart. The first line shows the general meaning from various sources, mainly from John Michael Greer. The second comes from the Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy (15th century) from Henry Cornelius Agrippa. The third line derives from Christopher Cattan's work The Geomancie (16th century).

House 1, Sun, the horoscope or ascendant

The querent, personality, characteristics, new projects, life, health, appearance.

Agrippa: the querent, the question, habits, life, state

Cattan: beginnings of life and of all works     

House 2, Mercury

Money, movable property, resources, investments, loss, profit, theft.

Agrippa: money, gain and loss, theft, loss, good and bad fortune

Cattan: substance, riches, things necessary for the life

House 3, Moon+Mercury+Saturn

Brothers and sisters, relatives, neighbors, small journey, high level education, communication, rumors, letters, advice, rumors, short journeys.

Agrippa: brothers, sisters, blood relatives, small journeys, men’s fidelity

Cattan: brothers, sisters, cousins, associates, judges, prelate/priests

House 4, Saturn

City, land, property, inheritance, buildings, treasure, ancient things and places, old age, home, family (fathers and grandfathers), parents, town, relocation, querent’s father. Conclusion of the question.

Agrippa: father, grandfather, possessions, buildings, lands, hidden things, things that were theft and loss.

Cattan: father, mother, professions, heritage, house, treasures hidden, things secret

House 5, Aphrodite+Saturn+Jupiter

Plants, food, annual ad biennial crops, children, women, pregnancy, procreation, love, marriage, sex, messages, clothes, eating, fishing, water, books, legacy, gambling.

Agrippa: messengers, rumours, news, messages, women with child and pregnancy

Cattan: infants, daughters, nephews, messages, profit of heritages

House 6, Mars

Employees, service professions, servants, family (unclesand aunts), magickians, occultism, disease, recovery, misfortune, pets and domestic animals, illness, injuries.

Agrippa: health, cattle, domestic animals, weakness, medicines, service professions and familiar persons

Cattan: banishments, bondages, sickness false accusations, witnesses

House 7, Aphrodite

Wife, fiancé, love, marriage, whore, fornification, parthnership, competition and conflicts, physician, thieves, dishonor.

Agrippa: wife, wedding, fornication, bad arguments, controversy

Cattan: marriages, weddings, women, quarrels, things lost

House 8, Saturn

Death, trouble, ghosts, spirits, magick of the querent or performed on his behalf, transformation, taxes, missing persons, will and anything related to death fortune.

Agrippa: hereditament, portion of a wife, death signs, death

Cattan: death, sadness, enemies, long torment, imprisonment, the quality of death

House 9, Moon

Long journey, religion and spirituality, religious matters, divination,  visions, dreams, occult philosophy, high education, college.

Agrippa: faith, stability, divine sciences, religion, journeys

Cattan: voyages, faith, religion, ceremonies, dreams, wonders, tokens of God’s wrath

House 10, Sun

Career, reputation, politics, glory, rank, fame, victory, weather, independent business, mother of the querent.

Agrippa: horror and power-related with authority, kings

Cattan: honours, dignity, government of kings and great lords

House 11, Jupiter

Friends, associates, annual plant crops, hopes, wishes, confidence, annual crops, joy, self- expression, riches, protection.

Agrippa: friends, good fortune

Cattan: friendship, company, good adventures, aid

House 12, Saturn (evil)

Limitations, harmful magick, cattle, horses, wild animals etc, beggars, misfortune, unknown enemies, prison, loss, imprisonment, punishment, orphanages, hospitals, spiritual life, paying bills, debts, secrets, secret enemies.

Agrippa: enemies, prison, misfortune, death, sickness, servants.

Cattan: secret enemies, prisons, captives, vengeance, treason, deceit, the end of a person.


Renaissance Astrological Houses


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