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Harry and Nicola are a couple of Golden Dawn adepts who are also very talented painters. When someone starts reading about this tradition, sees that there is a lack of depictions on the books. Most people who produce art are also Golden Dawn adepts and they paint for their books. It is difficult to find material online and more difficult to find tools of the tradition. So, the practitioner should create his own tools and use a limited amount of tarot decks that may or may not feel comfortable with. Besides the excellent work of Sandra Tabatha Cicero, there is also the work of Harry and Nicola Wendrich.

All of their items can be found here including tarot, posters of spheres of the Tree of Life, Rune posters, tarot box and three books. The prices are very logical and they ship worldwide. For me, who lives in Hellas, it is easier to buy something from EU countries than the USA.

In this article, I will share my experience with the Wendrich Art House. I hope it will be helpful for you.

Some years ago, I saw a blog post from Bubba Milam, with who we are communicating on Facebook. He was working with the major arcana of the GD Temple Tarot for meditation, based upon a book of Nick Farrell. I bought the Golden Dawn Temple Tarot, although I worked with the Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot. I found myself drawn equally by both decks. The flashing colours are more vivid in the Temple Tarot deck and this makes it easier for more concentrated work. After working with the cards for a year, I ordered the book, The Sephirotic Odyssey. It is helpful for those who are interested in the energetic aspect of each card and not the divinatory meanings. In the end, you will find channelled messages from each archetype of the Major Arcana. The book consists of 300 pages of chlorine-free paper. It is a self-publication, yet it has some coloured depictions. See the table of contents below. It is suggested not for divinatory purposes, but mainly for esoteric (meditation with examples from conversations) and for better understanding of the cards within the Golden Dawn framework. The devotional reader will spend a lot of days studying the material of the book, re-reading it and trying passive pathworking with the major arcana.

Book contents

They also have nice posters from their artwork, so I have bought some posters with Tarot depictions and put them into my room. I felt that they were inspiring and 2 years later, I still have them on the same spots framed at my walls. This year, I ordered more posters for my room and my temple area. Images bring energy and help create a mindset appropriate for the work you do. I also bought a second deck to use on a daily basis.

The quality of printing is excellent. A5 and A4 posters are very good. I also received a giclée paint as a present (thank you!) In the giclee, the colours are very close to the original painting and there is a difference that you can see in the different quality of the colours and the paper. If you want an A3 size poster for your room, to frame it and watch it every day, you have to buy a giclee print. The coloured prints are available in A5, A4, A3 around 6-10 pounds each and the giclee to 50 pounds. If you have the deck, you can order the cards you want in A4 poster. The quality of the coloured prints is the best I have seen.

Giclee vs normal colored print

If you search their website, you will find a study section, in which you can find information about the colour theory they used and the queen scale they suggest and use. This is a serious innovation. You can read about the Tree of Life and the Major Arcana. Devotees of Hekate should pay attention to the Moon card. The old readers will remember my article on that card based on the GD Temple Tarot (read the story part). The basic idea is since the Moon is a catalyst in Magickal operations and Hekate is the Goddess of Magick and of the Moon, we see Hekate in the middle, or a female figure that is suggested to be Hekate. As the figure makes the water triangle it means that she is connected with the subconscious mind and the "hidden depths of the soul". The idea of putting Hekate in the Moon card came from Nick Farrell.

Golden Dawn Temple Tarot cards


Golden Dawn Temple Tarot review on youtube

Nick Farrell's book, Meditations on Tarot, based on the Major Arcana of that deck

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