Invocation using PGM XII

Goddess Hekate. The invocation I am going to write derives from the PGM XII 238-245. It is an invocation to the almighty God, but I have modified it slightly to invoke the Goddess Hekate. The invocation is very beautiful, truely poetic. I have added the invocation to a well structured ritual, for anyone who wants to follow it or modify it according to its magickal tradition.

PGM Except

The original text in hellenic

Δεύρο μοι, ο εκ των δ' ανέμων παντοκράτωρ θεός, ο ενφυσήσας πνεύματα ανθρώποις εις Ζωήν, δέποτα των εν κόσμω καλώ, επάκουσόν μου, κύριε, ου έστιν το κρυπτόν όνομα άρρητον, ο οι δαίμωνες ακούσαντες πτοούνται, ου και ο ήλιος (βαρβαρειχ αρσεμφεμφρωθου το όνομα), ου η γη ακούσασα ελίσσεται, ο Άιδης ακούων ταράσσεται, ποταμοί, θάλασσα, λίμναι, πηγαί ακούουσαι πήγυνται, αι πέτραι ακούσασαι ρήγυνται, και ουρανός με κεφαλή, αιθήρ δε σώμα, γη πόδες, το δε περί σε ύδωρ, ωκεανός, Αγαθός Δαίμον. Συ ει κύριος ο γεννών και τρέφων και αύξων τα πάντα.

Modification in hellenic

Δεύρο μοι, η εκ των δ' ανέμων παντοκράτειρα μονογενή, καλλιγένεια, παρθένα Θεά, παντοκράτειρα, ανάσσα του κόσμου, Εκάτη, η ενφυσήσασα πνεύματα ανθρώποις εις ζωήν, νήματα των Μοιρών εξυφαίνεις, δέσποινα των εν κόσμω καλώ, συ αγία, συνοδευόμενη από τας Χάριτας σε κάθε όμορφή σου πράξη. Επάκουσόν μου, τρισυπόστατη, πολύμορφε Θεά, ου έστιν το κρυπτόν όνομα άρρητον, οι δαίμωνες ακούσαντες πτοούνται, ου και ο ήλιος, ου και η γη ακούσασα ελίσσεται, ο Άιδης ακούων ταράσσεται, ποταμοί, θάλασα, λίμναι, πηγαί ακούουσαι πήγυνται (ξεραίνονται), αι πέτραι πήγυνται και ουρανός με (είναι η ) κεφαλή, αιθήρ δε σώμα, γη πόδες, το δε περί (που σε περιβάλλει) σε ύδωρ, ωκεανός. Ψυχή του κόσμου πανοπαία, πασικράτεια, δαμνοδαμία, συ ει η γενναδότειρα και αύξουσα των πάντων.

Sanctuary of Hekate underneath Acropolis of Athens. Maybe a gathering point when the Great Eleusinean Mysteries were beginning every year, this time at the end of October.

Invocation Ritual


  • Frankincense or livani incense as a general offering
  • A white candle for Hekate's aspect as the soul of the world
  • Copper sheets hung from a thread from Kouretes
  • Woodworking and metalworking tools, knives, and fire for the ancient Kouretes, Koryvantes, Telchines, Dactyls...


Imagine the almighty Goddess Hekate as big as you can. Her head is in the sky, her body lies in the different spheres of the atmosphere, her feet are the earth. The ocean is around her. You invoke the aspect of the soul of the world, the Goddess who gives life, the Binah aspect in the tree of life. The power of this invocation lies in Her name and probably Her secret names. Keep this image in your mind to attract Her energy to your place.


Method 1 - Wicca approach

Place the elemental tools at the four quarters of your altar.
Dip your fingers in the water chalice and say: I cleanse my hands with water.
Pass your hands through the fire of a white candle and say: I cleanse my hands with fire.
Touch your pentacle and say: I cleanse my hands with earth.
Pass your hands through incense and say: I cleanse my hands with air.

Imagine your auric field growing and reaching 4 meters or so. A white light comes from above and fills you and your space. Try to imagine that this light is coming from Hekate, who is far away from you at this point, but its energy is coming closer.

Fivefold blessing
Touch each area of your body as you speak of her. Blessed be my feet, that have brought thee in these ways.
Blessed be my knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar.
Blessed be my genitals, without which we would not be.
Blessed be my chest, formed in beauty.
Blessed be my lips, that shall utter the Sacred Names.

Method 2

You can try banishing rituals if you practice ceremonial magick.

Method 3 - Ancient Magick Approach

A more ancient greek approach is to call a friend of Hekate, Goddess Rhea or Cybele. For those who do not know, ancient plaques have been found with Rhea and Hekate. In the following votive relief, we see Cybele and next to her a lion, a common symbol with Hekate. The worship of Hekate and Cybele together was something usual.

Cybele/Rhea from Hellenistic era. The relief is in the Museum of Cycladic Art.

Rhea is the daughter of Uranus and Earth, a Titan Goddess. As a woman of Kronos, she gave birth to Zeus but she had to hide her child in Crete because Kronos used to eat his children, to remain the ruler of the world. Rhea had a chariot driven by lions. Kouretes and Marsyas (he is playing the flute for Rhea) were accompanying Her. Due to the connections of Kouretes, Koryvantes, Idaioi Daktyloi and Telchines, those entities have protection properties and will be summoned too. According to ancient tradition, Rhea taught humans to build towns, fortresses, towers. She was a Goddess of defense, divination, healing, feminine. Kouretes are young men with skills to protect, making a shield around, working with metals, bees, social laws, etc. Koryvantes/kouretes appear to protect the chariot of Cybele and Attis in the silver disc from Paradiago, in the 4th century a.C. seen today in Milan (Castello Sforzesco). Dactyls were habitants of Crete. They moved to Samothrace where they taught Orpheus. Telchines were habitants of Rhodos and according to Diodorus they were goetes, witches. Those entities (Kouretes, Koryvantes, Kabeiroi, Idaioi Dactyls and Telchines) lived on the earth just in time when people were created, so they are of the most ancient daimons. Strabo (472) writes " Hekate's followers are thought to be Kouretes, the ones that are called Koryvantes".

Koryvantes/Kouretes around Cybele and Attis, as protectors. The original photo was taken by Giovanni Dall'Orto on March 3rd 2012.

Burn frankincense and pass your place. Then put it on the altar. Take the copper sheets and make some noise around you following a circle. In that phase, you can use a bell or a gong. In that circle, Kouretes will dance. Go to the center of your altar and see the east. Visualize Rhea coming closer in her chariot. Make a gesture of praise.

Goddess Cybele from the museum of Kerameikos

From the silence of this place I call mother Rhea,
Titanis, daughter of Uranus and of Earth
the creator of mysteries in Frygia, Lydia, Samothrace, Syria
to be present in this cleansing rite.

Mother come with your chariot of lions,
protector of cities, I call your power to cleanse the area.
Kouretes who stand around Her, form a shield around me
by your dance and fighting skills as you protected Her son.
Take care of me and help me take care of myself.
In your honor I will hit the copper around me.

(Take 3 pieces of copper leaves and make some sounds around your auric field, imagining Kouretes dance around you with their swords hitting their shelds in an apotropaic way, as Rhea is watching the scene.)

Koryvantes, sons of Apollo and Thaleia
dance around along with Kouretes and mania.
Ancient Idaioi Dactyloi and Telchines
as you gave to us the gift of fire and iron
use those weapons if someone tries to hurt me.
Gods of Samothrace, Axieros, Axiokersa, Axiokersos, Kasmilos,
I summon you to banish the needless thoughforms,
and the habbits that keep me behind, from the path of the ancient mysteries.

Invocation of Hekate

Make a protection gesture.
Make a gesture of praise.
With both hands in the air and palms up, take a deep breath from your stomach area and cleary invoke with a gentle voice.

Statuette of the Triple Goddess Hekate from the Stoa of Attalos, created in 1st-2nd century a.C.

Come to me, from the winds, pantokrateira, monogene, kalligeneia, maiden Goddess, anassa of the world, Hekate, the one who exhales life in the bodies, who weave the threads of the Furies, despoina of every goodness in the world I summon you, agia, acompanied by the Charites in every good act. Hear me trisipostate, Goddess of the many forms, who your secret and non spoken name is terrifying demons, the sun and the earth are trembling, hades is shocking, rivers, sea, lakes are drying, rocks are breaking. The sky is your head, ether is your body, earth is your feet and water of the ocean is around you. Soul of the world, panopaia, pasikrateia, damnodamia, you are the gennadoteira and auskousa of all.

Work with Hekate at this point. You can also meditate, practice pathworking, make a tarot meditation, chant, pray, recite hymns, or just try to receive a message.

When you are ready, you have to close the rite.

Gesture of praise.

Goddess Hekate, thank you for being here with me guarding me, guiding me here and in all things. Despoina agia, enfuser of life I am you and you are me. Hail and farewell Goddess Rhea, Kabeiroi, Telchines, Dactyls, Koryvantes, Kouretes thank you for protecting me and cleansing my space. Depart in love.

Touch the earth with both hands and center yourself.


Pantokrateira: almighty, the one who is holding everything in Her hands
Monogene: the one and only kid of the family
Kalligeneia: from a famili line that is good
Anassa: breath and queen
Despoina: ruler and queen
Agia: holy
Trisipostate: with three forms
Panopaia: the one who sees everything
Pasikrateia: the one who is ruling everything
Damnodamia : the one who is bending and domesticate everything

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