Life Without Witchvox

I cannot remember how many times I had read about Witchvox on books. One day, I visited it and made a profile. That was a great day for me. Today it isn't.

The Witches' Voice was a great crossroads for Witches around the world. A website-portal-blog with information written by Witches for Witches. Each country had its own session for creating a profile, an e-group, writing poetry and offering services related to Witchcraft, even shops for Witches. More than a decade ago, I created my profile under the name Prue, which is still online. I registered my group, Blue Moon, I wrote articles presenting the website and tools I could make for a fellow Witch. I was also offering Cartomancy and Reiki sessions. Nobody ever contacted me for service or to work together as a group. I contacted every pagan in my city who had a profile and tried to meet them, to see if cooperation was possible. People work better when they work together. This was the main function of Witchvox, to unite people and help them find what tradition is better for them, to create covens or enter a coven, to find what they are going to deal when they start to study and practice the Craft.

Back then, there were 100 Hellenes who practised or read on Witchcraft. Those people, slowly, started to abandon the Craft. Witchcraft and Ceremonial Magick need work and sacrifices and this is something that many people realize in their first steps and then they abandon this "hobby". Yes, for some people, it is a fashion statement, a hobby, something new. 5 years ago, I was on Lesvos island with Eirini and we noticed that there were less than 20 people. That was a shock. We advertised it in our pages, groups and our website on Cartomancy. I knew everyone who lived in Athens and had a profile on Witchvox. Although not many people responded to my messages, Facebook brought us together through groups. When social media platforms were establsihed in our lives, people abandoned Witchvox and created different groups, which served diversity and not union. Moreover, by deleting their profiles, they stopped reading the articles and blog posts on Witchvox, which was shown in the reduced statistics.

From the 20 people that I remember, half of them lived in Athens and there was one new member. We met one time and then Eirini kept contact with that member, being there for her to her way on the Craft. Besides that, there was no other progress on the Hellenic magickal community... This moment, in the Hellenic section there are 8 members. 6 of them live in Athens. Eirini and I are the two of them. So, there are 4 other Witches registered in Witchvox. That's tragic. There is no interest in magick in my country and this is something we can easily see from Witchvox. If it wasn't that website, a researcher or someone who wanted to learn about Witchcraft and Magick, he should have found a fellow Witch from Hellas, from his website or Facebook group... This means that the researcher should know to read and write Hellenic. If another Hellene wanted to join a coven or meet Witches at his town, he could just visit Witchvox. In other countries, people who had a coven or were able to teach a magickal tradition, they left their cards or their phone on the local occult store. In Athens there is no such store. There is one bookstore. Well, back in 2007 I left my card on the store. They threw it away. I went again to pin another card to their cardboard. It disappeared. Someone was removing the Witchy cards to prevent people engage with Witchcraft. Around 2015 I suggested to the bookstore to do a lecture on Witchcraft and a second lecture on Rennaisance Divination. They denied because they were against Witchcraft. We are talking about a shop that sells occult books, divination cards, crystals, pendulums, statues etc. That's the wild hunt in Athens, silent but effective against the old arts. 

Back in 2006-2008, I had contact with another member from Hellas, through Witchvox, who helped me a lot at my beginnings. We used yahoo messenger to communicate. That woman became my teacher in Witchcraft and especially Wicca. She suggested me books and answered my dozens of questions. If she wasn't there, I would have lost a lot of time to find my way on Witchcraft. As she helped me, I helped others who wanted to learn and some of those people were from Witchvox.

The famous annual celebration for the Goddess Hekate, the Rite of Her Sacred Fires, was propagated from Witchvox for the first time and then it was spread through social media and e-mail messages.

Witchvox has 10.000 articles on magickal traditions, Witchcraft and paganism. I believe that this archive will be preserved, as it is the History of Witchcraft in her attempts to propagate through the internet, from 1997 to 2020.

Those benefits will be gone now. People won't have the ability to read articles from various Witches from around the world and they won't have the ability to trace and communicate with Witches, cooperate, meet with each other and work together. Of course, the website had served the community for two decades, but it seems that Witches didn't visit the website for the last 2 years. Witchvox was invaluable. Yet, the social media groups have a lot of problems and they don't encourage exchange of ideas or meet-ups as Witchvox did in a formal way.

In 23/11/2019 Witchvox had 9,464 active accounts. My profile was viewed 6102 times I was a member since October 2005. The page of Hellas/Greece was viewed 32,935 times. The group page was viewed 5451 but suddenly no-one was interested in joining our coven.

The text of the announcement:

Notice 11/18/2019: The Witches' Voice Inc will be retiring the website in late December of 2019. Its time has come. Over the past couple of years site traffic has dwindled down to a few dozen visitors/posters a day. In anticipation of site retirement, we stopped taking any sponsorships donations on 7/1/2018. Next month we will pull ALL data offline and safely archive it. If you have any articles or poetry posted here please collect/copy them to your computer.

The Witches' Voice facebook page featuring Spirit news and information will remain as an online presence.

We thank those you that supported over the years. You have changed the world.

In Your Service,
Wren Walker, Fritz Jung,
Peg Aloi and Diotima Mantineia

Much gratitude for your work. It will be missed. Hail and farewell.

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