Crystals and Minerals

This is a project I did for the CoH Santuario de Hekate Thethys Krataiis.

The following list contains a small text with the properties of every crystal that I believe its energy is related to our Mother Hekate. In the end, I have written my suggestion for selecting the appropriate crystals for rituals. I have tried to write down a small description so anyone can choose the best-related crystal according to his/her needs and intuition. In the Greem Magickal Papyri, the lodestone is associated with Hekate by engraving three of Her forms.



Is a crystal of God Hermes. Agate gives strength, courage, protects and heals, those properties are also associated with Hekate. Agate also protects from dark magick and from spiritual possession. The problem is that agate has many colored brothers. Let’s see the colors that are associated with Hekate. Black is a protection stone. Black and white protect from physical dangers. Red agate is good for healing blood-related problems.


This is an old resin of pine. It is used for bringing strength,protection, beauty, luck and for a good memory. In ancient times magicians believed that it contains the essense of life,because fossils could be found inside of the resin. It has many uses of enhancing the magick in a circle.It is used to cleanse the body, to bring power, money, protects in a circle etc.


This crystal has a long history of witchcraft. It is sacred to Artemis. Some of his properties are: peace of mind, meditation, good sleep, anti-stress, gives courage, prevents illness, promotes psychic powers, relieves any pain, brings closer to the divine due to his higher energy etc.


This crystal represents the sea gods and goddesses. It is full of water energy. brings wealth, happiness, is good for psychic abilities. Aquamarine can also balance mind, body, and emotions. It is green-blue, so the color is not associated with Hekate but is associated with Hekate Einalia!


Bloodstone is a very powerful, determined crystal. It helps in healing blood diseases, it stops bleeding, it gives power, helps with law problems, gives courage, etc. This crystal was worn by warriors. Today athletes wear it to give them physical strength. Bloodstone also protects embryon and eases childbirth.


This crystal is also related to blood. It can stop nose bleeding, heals blood diseases, it calms the mind, gives self-esteem, peace, protects its owner. It can give courage and banish negative thoughts.


Chrysoprase is associated with Hestia, the Goddess of the house. It brings protection, friendship, luck, and happiness. Darker colors are more powerful than lighter. His energy is very soothing and helps with mental complexes. It also reliefs reumatism. This stone can attract money. It helps the eyes. In the 13th century, a bull talisman was made with this crystal. Bull is also associated with Hekate.


The color of the crystal is very favored to Hekate. It helps the crown chakra to become brighter when its color is gold. Citrine helps control empath. It promotes good sleep, psychic abilities. This crystal helps ease kidney problems and stomach pains and diabetes.

Crystal quartz

The witch’s all-time crystal, like amethyst. Rutilized quartz is very appropriate for magickal ceremonies. Gold or red rutilized quartz is good for healing. Tourmaline quartz has black pieces of tourmaline inside, which is good for astral projection and removing negativity.

Diamond Herkimer

It is very clear quartz with points. Is promotes spirituality, meditation. It is a protection crystal and brings courage and victory. Real diamonds had been used in the past for those qualities.


This crystal can be found in a shape of a sharp knife. Put it over the door or in the Hekataion as a protection crystal. It creates sparkles. It is very popular in survival shops for setting up a fire.


This crystal should be clear not fade. It has strong protection and strengthening powers. It is one of the best crystals when you need physical energy and it is used for outdoor rituals. In the past, it banished bad spirits and ghosts. It brings courage and removes negative thoughts. It helps rheumatism and sex problems…


Another crystal with many colored brothers. Is generally a protection stone, brings good luck, and helps at childbirth. Red jasper is good when dealing with poison (snake is a symbol of Hekate). Red jasper is a powerful protective stone. It has also great magickal powers. Brown jasper is good for centering magical energy in rituals. Multicolored jasper represents all the elements.


Jet is associated with Cybele, who is a friend of Hekate. It really is old carbon. It has strong electric properties, so it is considered a witch stone. It protects, brings health, divination and luck. It has the property of absorbing negative energies.


This stone represents all the elements and it has protective properties.


This crystal is too valuable to be outside the list. It is green, so it is not related to Hekate, but it has pretty interesting qualities. It protects against dark magick, it cleanses the third eye, absorbs every negativity. It can cleanse emotions that hold the person back. This is also a property of Hekate. In the alter or in the body it enhances magical ceremonies because it is full of metaphysical energy. It can be used in protective magick and to protect something physical. It brings calmness. It ensures a good pregnancy. Malachite heals the whole body as well as the nonvisual bodies.


It is used as an altar material because it has protective powers.


This stone is associated with all moon goddesses. It promotes the energy of the moon, divination, meditation, healing, beauty, young, sleep, protection, soothing, internal development, self-esteem, etc. It is connected with the moon and reflects her energy.


Obsidian is a kind of lava. It has the property to cleanse, protect, give peace and promote divination. Divination balls are made of obsidian. It is a natural black glass. Obsidians, like lava, are black.


This crystal can be found in orange, red, pink colors. It provides the owner with great physical power and magic too. It soothes after healing, so it can be placed in the belly or in the heart chakra. With the appropriate charged water it is used to cleanse the blood.


Like moonstone, selenite is related to moon energies. When it is close to the crown chakra it expands comprehension and expands the mental horizons. Selenite gives physical energy to his owner.

Tiger’s eye

This crystal has pretty interesting colors. Black, dark yellow, and brown together. It is a protective stone, it helps in battle, promotes courage, and gives physical energy. It is also a money crystal.


A crystal that could be found in many colors. Pink tourmaline attracts love and friendship. It enhances empath and understanding. It also helps drive away conflict. Red tourmaline gives energy to the body, promotes courage and it is protective. So red tourmaline could represent Hekate very well. Black tourmaline is one of the best crystals for absorbing negative energy. It also protects by making a shield. It brings self-control, endurance and reduces nerves.


Yellow zircon is used to attract love and relief from depression. Orange is good for protecting the home. Red protects the body and energizes it.

So, the crystals and minerals that I suggest for being close to Hekate are agate, amber, amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, carnelian, chrysoprase, citrine, diamond, flint, garnet, jasper, jet, lava, marble, moonstone, obsidian, quartz, rhodochrosite, selenite, tiger’s eye, tourmaline, zircon.

  • Agate, amethyst, jasper, quartz, tourmaline, and zircon are for general use.
  • Selenite and moonstone represent the energy of the moon.
  • Aquamarine represents the energy of the water.
  • Lava, obsidian, and flint represent mainly the energy of fire.
  • Amber and diamond have special energies.


If we want to make a Hekatean representation with three stones, we need one that represents the water, like aquamarine, one that represents earth like black tourmaline and one that represents the sky like citrine or diamond or selenite or moonstone or amethyst. This is my suggestion.

Colors and Crystals

Hekate has five favorite colors, black, white, red, orange, yellow.

  • For yellow we have citrine, zircon, amber, and maybe tiger’s eye.
  • For black, we have lava, obsidian, tourmaline, jet, agate.
  • For white we have quartz, moonstone, selenite.
  • For red, there is rhodochrosite, zircon, garnet, tourmaline, jasper, bloodstone, agate.
  • For orange, there is zircon, amber.


If we want to add crystals close to the candles of the circle I suggest the following:

  • For earth chrysoprase, black tourmaline, red agate, red jasper.
  • For air multicolored jasper, citrine is a good choice.
  • For fire, there is red or brown agate, diamond, zircon, amber, carnelian, obsidian, red tourmaline, lava, and tiger’s eye.
  • For water, there are aquamarine, quartz, selenite, moonstone, and faerie stones.

For using a crystal’s healing properties, cleanse it, ask Hekate to bless him, do a circle and raise energy to charge it and then ask Hekate to charge him too. Then give it to the person who needs the healing and teach him to make offerings to Hekate every day as well as to pray to Her.

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