Intermediate Techniques of Geomancy

Every system of divination has some techniques to aid the practitioner enter to that mind state for divination, to receive the messages from God. In Geomancy, the other side is the Cosmic Soul, the conscious part of the world that creates the movement of the body of the world. The oracle should clear the obstacles of the mind and modern thinking as well as the rapid way of acting and thinking and the technological miracles that put us away from our initial mother, nature.

The natural way is to be calm in order to perform successful divination. The person should not be tired, his nerves should be calm, his body should not have tension and his mind should be calm. Those things are achieved by magickal techniques for relaxation and then a small or big ritual for banishing unwanted energies. The purpose is not to do the ritual for the ritual, but to do the ritual so that the oracle could be focused on the question he has to answer.

During the Middle Ages, magicians used to work with the spirits and this passed on Geomancy. We have 7 planetary spirits for Geomantic divination and seven planetary intelligences that are connected with those spirits. Those are parts of the Cosmic Soul and they will help the geomancer in his quest for the right answer.

As soon as the question is formed, the right spirit is chosen and its sigil is drawn in the paper/sand/air and then the geomancer focuses on the sigil and the question until he feels ok and ready. After the interpretation, the sigil is erased backwards so that the spirit will return to his realm.

Not all Geomancers use the geomantic spirits, as similar result could be achieved with mind focus on the question. This modern way demands a detachment from the question and if this is not possible, then the geomancer should find a friend to do the casting.

In both cases, the Geomancer should be open to all answers and possibilities and not try to limit them to what he wants to hear or see, he or his client.

Techniques on the Shield Chart and the House Chart

The first thing a beginner does is a lot of mistakes. In divination, most beginners start spreading cards or spending many minutes in the crystal sphere or asking the pendulum again and again. Those are symptoms of an insufficient understanding of the system’s main principles. The next thing we notice is a strict interpretation according to the book and not according to the question and the context. The third mistake is making things complicated.

That third mistake will destroy the effectiveness of a geomantic chart. Geomancy is practical, effective and down to earth. Ironic? Sarcasm? No. Geomancy is simple. After casting the 4 mothers, the oracle stops, takes a break and calculates the daughters, the nieces, the witnesses, the judge and the sentence. After that step, he becomes an oracle again, as he has to interpret the figures. It is difficult to mess up the interpretation. The judge shows the answer and the house figure the first answer or hint. The 1st house shows the querent and the sentence the effect of the result. The witnesses show more information on how this situation will proceed or evolve.

From that point, the oracle can decide if it is necessary to search for more information regarding the question. The first thing is to find the way of points. This is a technique in which the oracle follows the active dots of the fire element from the judge to the mothers or the daughters. If there is such a path, we have the undercurrent influence of the judge. This helps us if the house figure and the judge or the 2nd witness and the judge are different in their meanings. The thing that changes or influences the judge is the undercurrent influence we have in the mother or the daughter that we have traced.


The second thing we have to see is the triplicities. It is the set of two figures from the 1st or upper level and their figure on the 2nd level. The first one is about the querent and it will provide more information on his situation, his hopes, his feelings right now. The second triplicity sheds more light on the situation and it can be useful as an extra layer of our interpretation. The third triplicity is about the general environment of the querent, like his family and friends as they might appear to play a role in the answer. Sometimes, other people influence our future and it will be nice to see if there is a problem with that influence so that the querent could prevent it, by talking to them. The fourth triplicity shows the general people around our situation and the querent. Maybe, his co-workers have something to do with the question. We use none or one or maybe two of those triplicities in a geomantic reading.

The Two Paths

If we focus on our querent, then we proceed to the part of spirit and the part of fortune. If not, we ignore those techniques. Those parts could show the influence on the judge, especially if the judge is negative.

Sum of the Chart

The last thing we do is to calculate the sum of the chart by adding all our dots. If the sum is lower than 96 then the result will happen quickly, so our querent should move to change it if it is negative. If not, he should continue to do what he does and wait for it. If the sum is higher than 96 then there is time ahead and if it is even higher, then the result will take more time.

If our question contains a time period, then we don’t calculate the sum of the chart.

At this point, the whole reading should make sense. Our new information drawn from the intermediate techniques should be in the same wavelength with the judge and our basic shield chart reading. The same thing happens in Le Petit Lenormand spread of nine cards, where we interpret the columns or the lines or the rhomb or the cross. We cannot have different interpretations on the same spread and reading should be a helpful experience for our querent. Anything else is not acceptable.

Before moving to the famous house chart we should state that Geomancy and any form of divination does not provide certain responses for the future, because the future is forming with our choices at most times, so it is wise to do castings every 2-3 months to check the energy that is over the situation or after a major change we did regarding the situation we ask.

In Tarot and Lenormand we don’t usually respond to yes/no questions, but in Geomancy we have the house chart for that. It is a way for answering those questions and providing further information on how this yes/no will happen by interpreting the figures we have on the houses we are interested in.

Chart Perfected

In the house chart, we put the figures as they have appeared during the casting of the shield chart.

There are three things we have to find out before moving to the chart perfection. Firstly we interpret the figure of the first house and the figure in the house of the question. This provides an initial answer or the atmosphere of the question. If the figure of the question is bad or unfavourable, then the situation may not be successful. In this bad situation, if the figure of the querent is good, then it is better for him not to succeed. On the other hand, if the figure of the question is good and the figure of the querent is bad, then he will regret for making this thing happen.

The second thing is to interpret the figure of the fourth house as it shows the final result.

The third thing is to look if the figure of the question or the querent appear to another house. This means that there will be another factor, more information related to the situation.

Then we try to find the modes of perfection. If one of them appear, then the answer is positive and we have success. It is not always the case to cast the house chart, but we can do it to check if the answer is yes or no and then return to the shield chart for a normal interpretation and then come back to the house chart if needed. If the question we asked is not a yes/no question, then when the chart is not perfected it doesn’t mean that the result is negative. We don’t even search if the chart is perfected if the question is not suitable for that.

Yes/no questions are very hard and direct questions and they should be avoided in Cartomancy, but in Geomancy we have to see the modes of perfection and if they exist, then the oracle doesn’t have to rely on hints of the cards, but to the following techniques. Even if the answer is no, the querent has the power on his hands to manipulate the future, this is not New Age theory, but basic theory on divination.

If the same figure appears in the 1st house and the house corresponding to the question, we have occupation, the strongest mode of perfecting the chart and the situation is harmonious, it will happen naturally. If we have a figure in the 1st house and the same to the house next to the house of the question, then the querent will have to do some work. This is the first type of conjunction. If the figure of the house of the question is also appearing in the 12th or the 2nd house then we have the second type of conjunction. The querent would not have to change anything to see success. When the figure of the 1st house and the figure of the house of the question appear next to each other in any point of the map, we have mutation. This means that we have perfection, or success, but the querent has no control over the situation. So, it will happen no matter what he does. The last mode is translation where the same figure appears next to the 1st house and the house of the question. That means another person will interfere and will bring success, maybe a friend or an important person for the situation.

If there is no relationship between the two significator figures of the house chart, then we have impedition or denial of perfection. The answer is no.

One of the above modes is going to appear to define success in the outcome. Note that the house chart maybe not be as helpful if we do not need in the interpretation. I had done a shield chart for a simple question and then I did the house chart for experimentation. The house chart was not needed, because I had the answer from the basic shield chart. Yet, the house chart didn’t perfect and although the shield chart was a clear yes, the house chart was a clear no. Those things happen if we want to make things complicated, which is certainly not helpful. It is like having the answer from a 3 cards spread and then make another complicated spread to verify the previous spread. If we have to answer to a yes/no question, the the house chart is great as the only thing we have to do after finding the judge and the sentence is to find the mode of perfection and do the interpretation.

Path of Houses or The Cardines

The house path is a route of the 4 directions in the house chart. If we look the 1st house, the 10th and the 7th we have a route from the beginning to the end of the situation. The final, 4th house is the result that stayed. Now, if we have a positive route, then ok, but if we notice a negative figure on the way, then we say to the querent that on that stage he has to be careful or prepared.


The 16 geomantic figures have specific meanings, but as with all divinatory methods, those are the limits or the guidelines towards a good reading. We should apply the meanings to the question and not use them as we would do with a lexicon. A good oracle would use the images, the stability properties, the meanings and would apply them to the question, their position and their relationship with the close figures. So, puella might mean a girl or a girl type of energy or it can mean harmony or joy without duration. If those do not apply to the situation, then puella might be a passive behavior or even a transforming energy that would give birth to something or nurture a man or a project or the situation. I recently had conjunction appearing in my chart and I related it with Hekate, because she is the Goddess of the crossroads and transitions and the image of conjunction is also a crossroads. For another reading it could also mean taking decisions. Those are not the main meanings, but the image is there and we should apply it to our interpretation if it is related with our question. This approach is similar in Lenormand and Tarot, so cartomancers would apply it naturally.

Stopping Figures

Traditionally, there are three figures that we should pay attention when they appear and stop the reading. Rubeus in the first house or mother means that the questioner is lying. Cauda Draconis at the same place means that he won’t listen to the geomancer. Populus in the judge means that the result is uncertain as a lot of things are going on. Under those circumstances, the reading is stopped and the geomancer returns the money back to the questioner.

Of course, those old teachings could be ignored if someone is practising his own system or his own school of modern Geomancy, but it would be wiser if the geomancer pays attention to what the questioner says or reacts when the geomancer starts asking questions on him.

There is an interesting combination that reveals a fake question. Populus in the first house and Rubeus in the eleventh house.


Question: A friend is working on a tv series and she asks if the serial will stop after Christmas. So she wants to know if she will be unemployed on February. Will she work on the tv series on February?

Finding the house of the question

The 10th house is about career and our querent wants to know if she is going to work on the specific serial she is currently working. If the tv channel decides to stop the serial, she won’t have a job for a while, so it is a question related with her career. We can also choose the 2nd house which is about money and problems related with our job, like an investment, a payment on time etc. The question seems to be more related with the career and our querent worries about the continuation on the project, so the whole concept is about this tv series and her key position on keeping that series.

Geomantic Chart Example

The Shield Chart

Now we will have to cast the four mothers. The first mother is Puer, the second is Caput Draconis, the third and the fourth are also Puer. Next, we fill the whole shield chart before any attempt of interpretation.

1st layer of Interpretation

The querent has a lot of energy that won’t last long. He is ready for a change. The first impression on continuing his career job on February is still passive. It is dependent on many other people. Nothing is set yet. There is more feedback to be received from others. The first witness reveals the current state and it is unfavorable. The air and earth energies are locked. The project has not good foundations. This is going to change with the second witness. All the elements are active and Via shows a lot of changing energy on the way. The situation is going to change. The judge is also very positive on that, supporting the activation of air and earth from Via. The querent wil feel happiness and probably uplifting after February.

2nd layer of Interpretation

Let’s see why the judge changed. Following the way of paths it is clear why we have the changes in our second witness and this immediately affects the judge. The air element is unlocked with Via in the 6th house, which means that people on the service of others will affect the energy. Those may be people who work in the entertaining business, especially if the tv series is about entertainment. This element will play a significant role. Maybe the channel doesn’t have enough entertaining shows. Via is also activating the 8th house which shows a magickal act from the side of the querent. Via is the changing current that will affect the situation and change it completely.

We have to see the fourth triplicity that shows people around the situation, like colleagues and authoritative persons. From Rubeus as the 3rd daughter, we have a negative effect and the 7th house is the house of conflicts, so things won’t work well. People who make decisions are divided. This is going to change! We have Via following the negative figure and creating Puella of love and harmony. This seems good. But in the third triplicity, the result is still Rubeus, which means a problem with the colleagues. This is something that worries me. Something is wrong in the working environment.

The House Chart

We look at the 4th house of Puer, which shows the ending result. It shows enthusiasm, especially when we will combine it with the Sentence. Things are good.

Puer appears in the 3rd house, the 4th house too, which seems an influence to the subject. Maybe trips, rumors, moving and old things. I don’t know if the tv series demands short trips or long drives, but it is certainly an old series of the tv. Puer appears three times in the mothers, which seems that the decision for continuing the series is more than an impulse or a risk. Still, we don’t have negative figures in our Judge and Sentence.

The most crucial thing in our session is to find if the chart is perfected. We don’t have occupation. We don’t have conjunction. We don’t have mutation. We don’t have translation.

This doesn’t make any sense. The Judge and the Sentence, as well as the two witnesses,  are super positive. Well, it seems that we didn’t choose the right house. Focusing on the 2nd house of money we have the chart perfected through conjunction. The querent should work a little bit more to achieve what she wants.

Useful Articles

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The Art and Practice of Geomancy, John Michael Greer, Weiser Books 2009

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The Geomantic Chart template that you see in this page was created by Kelly Fitzgerald

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