Rite of Her Sacred Fires

The most well known annual ceremony for honoring the Goddess Hekate. It started in 27th of May 2010 and it is performed every year with great success. Hundrends to thousands of Witches participate in this ritual within the circle, within sacred space, outdoors in the forest, in the mountains, in caves or in a simple desk or in the floor. Some Witches perform this rite as a group, others do it in their privacy at their own.


Some years ago, Sorita D'este, the well known authority of Witchcraft, Priest of the Alexandrian Tradition, she was working in the Temple of Whales invoking the God Dionysus to help her to a project she was up to. Dionysus showed her the earth with little flames in many places. During ancient times, in Hekate's Deipna, candles were left close the offerings. The message was clear. Goddess Hekate wanted Sorita to write a rite that will be perfomed in all over the world. Sorita published an anthology of essays, Hekate Her Sacred Fires and the Rite of Her Sacred Fires was in. She developed a website with the rite translated in many languages. People from all over the world took videos and photos during the ritual and uploaded to youtube and facebook groups. Every year, a video of all those moments is created, remembering this annual celebration.


You will need at least one candle or other similar item in the colors of Hekate. A box of matches to light it up, a paper with the ritual, olive oil for anointing the candle during the blessing, some incense that is appropriate to Hekate, a representation of Her.


The appropriate timing is the full moon of may in the night. A cleansing bath is necessary.

Moon phases



You can find the R.O.H.S.F. here.

Image from the RoHSF celebrated in Athens 2017 by Constantinos and Eirini

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