Deipnon Invocation

This is an invocation to the Goddess Hekate, I wrote one night being very connected with the Goddess. This is a hymn I intented to give it to the COH team that celebrates Deipnon, but this project didn't materialized due to constraints of the administration. So, I present it here in the safe ground of the Crossroads Witch to be used wisely during deipnon.

Lay down your deipnon in a plate. Light the candles, incense and calm yourself by relaxing the body. Use a brass instrument to make sound. You can use brass jingles for that. You are going to produce sound with three strikes. Make sure you have experimented before with your musical instrument.

“Three strikes for the Goddess

One for Her, one for her daimones, one for her spirits”


In this moonless night I call your divine presence.

I use no strophalos, I need no tool,

I have a clear voice and my heart is innocent and pure.

I hear your steps from the sound of your sandals.

Walking among us as a chthonic mother.

Like a bridge under troubled waters, you ease my mind.

Like a planet on the dark sky, you make me wonder.

Like the tingling of a new love, you make me creative.

Oh Goddess of the three ways crossroads

of the earth, of the sky, of the sea, I sense you coming closer

with dark and red clothes and happy hounds by your side

bringing fear to the unjust, terror to the profane.

For the remembrance of an ancient custom,

οur practice is a link with the antiquity.

Your power horrified the uninitiated

misinterpreted yet respected and true.

But as then, so now your devotee seeks you again.

I lay deipnon for you all night

and I welcome you in the house (/circle).

May your company of spirits find comfort

by the food, the drink and a single candle flame.

Be kind with me and protect my possessions

till the next starless sky.

Keep the souls of my dead

safe and ready for the process of return

to the earth -under the moon.

As my divine part is your part

and this will return back to you,

and then back to the earth

so as you will, in the next dark moon.

Be tenderhearted with me

as I dedicate those offerings to you

(name offerings separately)

and stay with your company.

Hail mother Hekate, of the buried

the spirits, the fears, the snakes,

the tombs, the blood, the pain.

Hail mother Hekate of all humane worries.

Ultimate and companion,

Soteira and Propolos

Full and Dark,

One for all people.

At this point speak to the Goddess with thoughts or using speech and mention your dead relatives, neighbours, friends you miss and strangers you want to pray for. Stay for a while to this state and then release all the spirts by saying goodbye and farewell. If you offer deipnon in your altar, move it to a more appropriate place like the front door threshold, a three ways crossroads in the soil away from public eyes or in your garder. Let the spirits enjoy deipnon and move away without looking back. Ground and center.


One sound for Her, one for daimones, meaning the spirits that are under Her and work for Her and one for the spirits, the ones that follow Her during the dark moon. Those are the entities you call to offer them the deipnon/supper.

The magickian needs no magickal tool except his purity of his/her soul, which is the ultimate gift of piety he/she can offer, according to the Platonic, Stoic and Neoplatonic philosophy.

Hekate is called chthonic mother, thus mother of the earth, as this night walks among us.

Hekate is imagined to wear dark black and red clothes to emphasize the chthonic aspects.

The references of the ancient custom that comes from ancient Hellas is significant to unite the ancient with modern practice, following the safe route of ancient texts. The devotee acknowledges why Hekate was feared and misinterpreted by some and welcomes Her to the house offering deipnon.

In the point that the devotee says that his divine part is Her part, he acknowledges that Hekate is the Cosmic Soul and that he carries one part of Hers, inside him. This is the part that leads him to devotion towards the Goddess.

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