Witch Blood

In Orion Foxwood's book, The Flame In The Cauldron we see the term "witch blood". It is when a person realizes that he has the urge to study and practice witchcraft, as he was a witch in a previous life. It will be awakened during training into a magical tradition. But, how do we get there?

The calling is unavoidable, but it can be ignored, especially in our modern culture. For those who are sensitive to sense it, it never stops to remind them that they will have to search about witchcraft, search for other witches, buy things related and maybe find a teacher to show them the way. It is accompanied by a sense of joy when it happens to be researched and then we have other positive ways, as the practitioner starts to feel that he does something right. This urge acts suddenly, so it is normal for someone to buy tools or books from an impulse or start reading out of the sudden or devote himself to watching Youtube videos on those subjects.

Foxwood has noticed four stages from the first urge to the initiation into witchcraft. He calls those stages the touch.


  1. The first sign appears when the person has his first touch with witchcraft. It can be through television, a video, a book, a seminar, a lecture, or just from a discussion.
  2. Then you have another witch talking to that person and he realizes that there are witches in our modern world.
  3. The third stage is when he finds someone to teach and initiate him into a tradition.
  4. The fourth stage is when the person participates in rituals and has practical experience.

Witch Blood and Hekate

So, if we want to create an analogy for a devotee of Hekate, the first stage is when the witch hears about Hekate. This may be an unfortunate experience since most books and websites and people that speak about Hekate spread misinformation, something that we have written extensively on this website. Then the witch starts to read and investigate the ancient cult of Hekate and creates a shrine with a daily practice based on Her. The third stage is when he decides to incorporate elements of this cult into his practice and the fourth stage is when he shares his practice and experience with others. At the fourth stage, he has become a torchbearer, bringing the light or knowledge of Hekate's cult to our modern world. This is how I see it and hopefully many others. If we are talking about a coven of Hekate, then things are different. If we have someone who is not a witch, then he has to follow the stages of witchcraft and he will find the Goddess eventually.

Similarly, as the witch blood "boils" and the person can't do differently than choose to hear it, when Hekate chooses a person to work with Her, he feels the same urges as it was described by mr. Foxwood. The danger here is not to become misinformed and thus wander in the lies of modern writers on the nature of the Goddess, neither follow commercial groups and practices. The right way is to find what the ancient texts teach and try to understand them before he forms his personal views. This process takes effort and time and I see that modern witches are unwilling to follow that path. So, insist and reach stage four. Remember that magick is a natural process and we have to be aligned with nature. Don't try to force the process. Good luck.

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Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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