Wooden Plaque


In this project I am going to show you how you can construct a wooden plaque for Hekate.


  • Normal wood from fir thickness:18mm width 14 cm height 14 cm
  • Diabetes
  • electric saw, jigsaw
  • smirdex paper
  • pencil or pen
  • drawing with Hekate
  • acrylics and a fine brush

Buy the wood from your local store or ask your woodworker to cut for you circle with 12 cm diameter. If you want to do it by your own, use the jigsaw by adjusting it to cut plastic (no 1) with fast movement for the saw (no 5). The saw should be an appropriate for fine cutting of wood. Make sure you have taken all the protection and the wooden surface is solid and doesn't move as you use the jigsaw. Stability is everything here. Make sure you wear glasses, a hat, gloves and a mask for the dust. Cut as fine as you can the wood and then with the smirdex paper make it smooth and circular. It takes time.

After that, take your drawing and put it over the wood. With a pen press as hard as you can all the edges. The wooden surface will go a little inside. When you finish, take acrylics and paint the edges very slightly. Remember to put enough water to your acrylics and make small movements because the soft wood of fir will absorb the pain easily. Good luck!



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