Porta Maggiore Basilica

The secret underground basilica is in the center of Rome. It was built around 50 a.C. and it seems that it was a church, a temple of Neopythagoreans, that ancient Romans didn't know its existence, as it was about 8 meters below their ground.

We see Sapho launching from the cliff of Lefkada, so we can assume that they were built it. Other symbols are centaurs, satyrs, medusa, nikes (victories), and griffins. We also see Orpheus with Euridike in the Underworld, Hercules saving Hesione, Achilleas, and Paris with Helen. The first two had their initiatory rites and mystical cults, Achilleas with Cheiron and Paris is the connection from Troy to Rome. 

Here the Pythagoreans and the Platonists were gathered to perform rituals and as we can understand they have performed rituals for the afterlife. We also see Zeus taking Ganymedes, Medea sleeping the dragon, Hipollitos, and Phaedra. It has six pillars and the apse you see.

The church was discovered on 23rd April in 1917 during the construction of the train line, but it was opened for visitors in 2015 due to extensive restoration works!  It is 12 meters above ground with a preserved mosaic floor. Its dimensions are 12 x 9 meters. The next Christian churches were made of similar designs. This building is a miracle of architecture and we have not found a similar monument in the world.

See the video below and, as readers of the crossroads witch, imagine being there and watching the ancient mystery cult of Neopythagoreans perform their theurgical rites and initiations. Imagine the acoustics, the atmosphere, the smell of incense, and the metaphysical phenomena.


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