In Witchcraft every living thing has some specific energies. If similar energies could be combined they produce higher energy and the spell is effective. The connection between plants and crystals, incenses and colors, flowers, and feathers... could be achieved through tables of correspondences. It is important to know some basic herbs and crystals by heart and not need to use always the books.
Hekate is a liminal Goddess. She is connected with other Goddesses and sometimes the connection is so strong that we can say they are the same Goddess. She is connected with all the herbs as a teacher of pharmakeia, the art of the herbs for healing, magickal and poisoning purposes. She likes general and special offerings. So, let's see what Hekate likes in general.


Horse, dog, bull, goat, black lamb, black sheep, fish, snake, wolf, ram, lion, boar

According to the London Papurus 121 (PGN II) there are 20 animals connected with our Goddess: Ox, Vulture, Bull, Beetle, Falcon, Crab, Dog, Wolf, Serpent, Horse, She-Goat, Asp, Goat, He-Goat, Baboon, Cat, Lion, Leopard, Field-Mouse and Deer. And there are another 8 from another papyrus: Dragoness, Mare Bitch, she-wolf, Cow, Camel, Dove, Sphinx.

Crystals and minerals

Lodespone, gold, copper, brass, sapphire, meteorite

Gods and Goddesses

Dionysus, Hermes, Pan, Zeus, Helios

Demeter, Persephone, Selene, Artemis, Vendis, Vritomatris, Enodia, Vrimo, Ereschingal


Aconite, belladonna, garlic, onion, mandrake, oak leaves, bay leaves, poppy seeds, saffron, willow, yew, apple, cardamom, mullet, ginger, pennyroyal, pepper


Cumin, myrrh, flax, juniper, livani, storax, sandalwood, mugwort, bay, myrtle, sage, saffron, sulphur


Saffron, yellow, orange, red, black, white

Food offerings

Cheese, fish, raw egg, honey, milk, olive oil, olives, pita, garlic, onions, amphiphon cakes, traditional hellenic sweets, almonds, sesame, wheat


Wand, spear, athame, rope, torches, key, snakes, crescent moon, crossroads, trident, cave

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