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In this project, I am going to show you how I created a Moon amulet-plaque for my altar, related to Hekate, to channel Her lunar energies to my room. The intention is to draw lunar energies for any related lunar practices. I used the square of the Moon from Agrippa and the seal of the Moon from the same book. Instead of numbers, I used the Hellenic letters attributed to those numbers, according to the mathematical structure of the Hellenic language.

The hexagon is related to the sephira Yesod, the sephira of the Moon. The connection of the angles forms another symbol for the Triple Goddess Hekate. On the front side there is the moon square and on the backside the seal of the moon. The first word is the name of Hekate in Hellenic and we have three lunar epithets of Her surrounding the triangle. ΤΑΥΡΟΠΟΛΟΣ is related with the bulls. The horns of the bull are an ancient prehistoric symbol of the Moon Goddess and it is also appearing in the Orphic Cult for Hekate. ΝΥΚΤΙΠΟΛΟΣ is the Goddess wandering at the night, remembering the Goddess coming for Deipnon. ΝΥΚΤΕΡΙA is the female genre of the epithet ΝΥΚΤΕΡΙΟΣ meaning of the night. The plaque was created in my computer and then printed and created in wood.

I cut the wood with a hand saw in the shape of a hexagon. I decided to make the backside passive, so I used the router to cut the edges of the wood in a triangular shape, which is more pleasant to the eye and gives depth to the front side. I used a chisel to trace the hexagram and the seal of the Moon. For the letters, I used iron cast hammered letters. I also tried to make the lines with the chisel, but due to the vertical lines of the beechwood (it is a hardwood), I couldn't do it. I also used the Dremel, but I had the same problem. Initially, I painted the wood silver, but I didn't like the result, so I sanded it again and I used violet. The flashing color was another big problem. I tried my brushes, but I couldn't do it. Not to mention, that the violet was inside the letters and I couldn't paint them with gesso and then with the yellow color, because the layers filled the embossed letters. So, I used a colored marker. I dried the paint with a hairdryer and then I passed two layers of polyurethane gloss varnish.

The whole project was created on the day of the Moon and the letters were hammered in the hour of the Moon. It took me 40 minutes to make the letters and I lost sleep that night. It was 4:07 at night. The plaque was charged in the day and hour of the waxing Moon.

The Process of Creation
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