Magical Imagination

Nick Farrell
Publishing House: 
Skylight Press
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An instruction manual on pathworking. Nick Farrell teaches how to use your imagination to change your self and your physical life. The basis of the book is the teachings of the Golden Dawn and he even touches advanced stuff. The reader is going to learn all the basics he needs to know about pathworking, active and passive. How to follow a written pathworking and how to create his own. How to use symbols as gates, how to create an inner temple etc.

There are some examples of pathworkings, exercises for psychological traumas, advise and techniques of testing the dreams. He also describes personal experiences, whenever is relevant. 

With the training, he has received both in SOL and the GD he is the man for teaching how to use your imagination and even persuade you that you have to exercise this occult ability, in order to have a successful ritual that you will feel the energy. He doesn't keep secrets, as in all of his books, he is plain and concise. This book is also suitable for pagans as he gives ideas of how to change the exercises and more importantly, he explains the "whys".

On the negatives, the book is a little bit dry on subjects that the reader won't find interesting at the first read. I couldn't avoid noticing the constant use of the word "however" as a connection point between different views on the same paragraph. I would also like to see a chapter on spirit vision and a chapter on astral projection. It is odd that there is no bibliography.

I would definitely suggest it to anyone who is practising Witchcraft and ceremonial magic.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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