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Removing the Goddess from the River

Philosophical responses to a FB group of devotees who use the name, the teaching, and even terminology of Platon, but have no idea of them and they refuse to study and accept them.

In the current article, I have tried to present basic Platonic theories on the subject of piety and the Goddess Hekate, in the plainest and simple way possible. It was written after a period of reading a lot on Platonism and introspecting things that I experienced often, online. They prove certain things that both Eirini and I have talked about and written in the past. Take your time, make a coffee and then read the following paragraphs.

"You cannot enter the same river twice."

The Illusive Goddess

The following article is going to make some people mad, causing them mania to the point that they may even want to hit their screen. It is not suitable for people who base their practices and ideas regardings the cult of Hekate, on illusive personal gnosis, feelings, channelings, New Age ideas, etc. Hopefully, the readers of this blog base their practices on well-documented historical and archaeological facts. Those readers, our readers, may continue reading. The others are kindly requested to exit that page, as it will get them upset.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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