Gateways Through Stone and Circle

Ashen Chassan
Publishing House: 
Nephilim Press
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Frater Ashen Chassan is one of the more important ceremonial magickians of our century. This is his first book on Magick and it is a practical one, explaining the use of a system based in DSIC of Trithemius and The Magus of Francis Barrett.

The book starts with basic history on the influences of Francis Barrett’s and Trithemiu’s work. Then we read some basics on western ceremonial magick and scrying. The writer addresses the use of a scryer, he gives advice on scrying, hot to create a fluid condenser according to Franz Bardon’s teachings. Then he moves to the creation of the tools, the table of practice, the pedestal, the wand, the lamens. Those are standard DSIC tools and easy to make. We see a rather elegant table for the scrying device, which is put outside the  circle. The use of the circle and the creation is based on Heptameron and the Complete Book Of Magic Science. He has also included the angelic incenses from the Veritable Key of Solomon, Agrippa’s Occult Philosophy, Heptameron, Complete Book of Magic  Science. The last part is the evocation ritual, which is enriched by the writer, yet still remains traditional.

This book is small, but it will take you long time to read and use it. It is a complete system of working with the angels and the author gives good information on the nature of these celestial beings. He has written a detailed book on his encounters, practically writing the dialogues, the Gateways Through Light and Shadow. I recommend the book to anyone who has read Rufus Opus, to anyone who wants to use Hermetic magick, to anyone who is searching for a grimoire system which is not complex and the tools won’t take a year to make them. DSIC tools can be made within 1-2 months and you can use the system without a pedestal or an altar outside the circle. Anyone who wants to work with the angels, has the mental strength to make the tools and the psychological strength to encounter them and establish relationships with them, should read the book.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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