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The website consists of 4 main themes: Mythology, Archaeology, History, and Magic/Witchcraft, and everything is written from the ancient Hellenic viewpoint. Our triangle is mythology-history-magic and this makes the crossroads witch. No New Age or UPG crap can be found here. Facebook groups are full of them. The texts and our practice is based on actual evidence like ancient Hellenic texts and archaeological data. We write about something after we have understood it and its cultural environment.


In the video section, you will find archaeological videos related to Hekate's cult. Many of them are our discoveries for the community of Hekate's cult today and so we present them. We have decided not to show to you all, as there are devotees of Hekate who stole our material and don't credit us for our work. Books, posts, pictures, you name it.

In the information section, you have the main menu from articles to read and it is divided into categories. Articles are added to the menu periodically. This material is well searched and confirmed. You may have found elsewhere information with the same article, but ours is based on ancient texts. Simple as that.

In the crossroads-news, you have a menu that shows you the latest book reviews and creative projects, along with blog posts and articles.

  • The creative project is a section on making your own tools for magical purposes. As we are crafty people, we share our way of creating a tool with written detailed explanations and pictures.
  • The book reviews section are books we have read and we suggest. The reviews are not dry texts like we see on some famous websites, from which we see that the reviewer never read the book. It is a hands-on review with all the details you need to know. If you send us a book for review and we don't like it, we won't review it.

The blog section is our views on something and is not as important as articles.

We try to update sections, so check the website on a weekly basis. If you are a devotee of Hekate and you agree with our philosophy, you are welcome to share an article with us and see it published.

Web 2.0

The reader can create an account and log in to the website. Then he can put stars to the articles and leave comments. He can also choose to subscribe to our newsletter. Personal data like the e-mail address are not visible to anyone else besides the admin and they are used on the website.


You can find the Crossroads Witch on Facebook. (Page and group). When a new article is written it is also posted on Facebook.

Facebook has blocked the website as it considers it spam. While there have been numerous reports, Facebook insists on its illusionary world. If you want to share it use the url and it will work.


The website is completely supported by Constantinos and it has helped a wide range of people, from everyday witches to Ph.D. researchers in their work. Donations are welcomed.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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