The Complete Book of Astrological Geomancy

Priscilla Schwei
Ralph Pestka
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It’s an old book printed in 1990. I couldn’t find it as brand new to buy it, so I searched it online and I ordered it second-hand. After spending some days with it, I consider it a valuable book and I still don’t understand why it has not printed again and again. I have the same question for other good and special books on magick...

Yes, it is valuable. It provides a system of Horary Astrology, Mundane Astrology and Agrippa’s Geomancy to cast and interpret the House Chart for a detailed reading concerning a long time frame, like a year ahead. There isn’t a similar book on the market. That makes it valuable.

Of course, there are objections. First of all, the zodiac signs are linked with the Geomantic figures not according to the Agrippa's Book IV, which should be the logical thing to do, but according to the Book II and there is a different attribution to one figure. The second objection is the use of Horary Astrology in positioning the planets. Agrippa puts the planets according to the figure. This creates a mess and I applaud the writers for incorporating Horary Astrology. They use mundane Astrology, to find the aspects, which is also very clever as we are using Geomancy. The third objection is the use of new planets, but this is not a bad thing. They have created a variation from Agrippa’s system. Regarding the explanation of the geomantic figures, it doesn't provide much and the same applies to the astrological houses. For these things, the reader should read other books, more traditional or Agrippa's treatise which he could find at the beginning of Book IV of Occult Philosophy.

The book explains in the first 34 pages the whole system. The reader should know basic Geomancy (to cast and interpret the shield chart with ease) and he should want to take his method further by practising a variation for creating a new house chart. This adds more layers to the initial interpretation of the witnesses and the judge and the interpretation of the figure that is put in the house of the question. After the system is explained, 6 detailed examples follow. Personally, the first two were enough for understanding fully how it works.

The system demands some practice and time to cast and interpret each chart. After the calculations have been done, there are hundreds of pages with explanations and interpretations, which the practitioner could advise. To use this system, you need an ephemeris and some patience to write the interpretations for yourself or for a client. The book is pretty explanatory of how the system works with nothing that you won't need.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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