The Art and Practice of Geomancy

John Michael Greer
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Weiser books
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The Art and Practice of Geomancy was published in 2009. I read it in 2019. It is the best book around on Medieval Western Geomancy. The book is valuable to anyone who wants to start learning this medieval art of divination and magick. The written style of Greer is always understandable and easy to follow.

Geomancy, just like any art of divination is more easily taught by a teacher, not from a book. This book is the best option for those who only want to learn from a book. Personally, I suggest Kelly Fitzerald's course with this book. She also bases her teaching in this book. 

Geomancy returned with Mathers during the 20th century and with Greer in the 21st. Both Golden Dawn adepts show the way to the rest of us.

The book starts with a short explanation of Medieval and Renaissance philosophy. It proceeds to the figures and divination process. Everything is well explained, yet it needs more space in the teaching of the process. Those things should be repeated and more examples would make the book a better teaching tool. Greer explains all the basic and intermediate methods and he has made full research on the advanced and specific methods of finding objects, time frames, etc.  The third part is about meditation, talismans and theurgic ritual. It provides a skeleton on all those techniques. 

I would like to see a future +100 pages edition with examples, better teaching techniques with diagrams and more occult philosophy. I don't think that anyone who is going to buy this book, isn't going to use it, enjoy it and read it fast.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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