Talisman with Bindrunes


Bindrunes is a magickal technique that combines more than two runes to produce a new rune with all the powers in it. The new rune is beautiful and harmonious. The bindrune has many runes in it due to the shape of the runes. So, it is normal to create a bindrune with 5 runes and see that 2 runes has appeared when you have drawn the first 3 runes. The bindrune should be nice to look, so there is a permission to adjust some of the runes to add them in the main runes. You can do mirroring, reduce some section of each rune etc.

I wanted to create a talisman for a shop, because a friend of mine is dealing some financial difficulties and another one for a house to keep the thieves away. An ideal wood for bindrunes as I see it is the beech. This wood had been used in the past to make uses come true after they have been engraved in the wood. Bindrunes should be engraved in a wood.

The following bindrune is for abundance, prosperity. I cut the wood with an electric dril using a circular drill. Instructions you will find in the Iynx project. Then, I used dremel 4000 multitool with the engraving accessory to make it. Then with 60, 120 and 400 sandpapers I gave the perfect touch to the wood. After finishing the talisman, I used soap to cleanse it and wood oil (teak oil) to revive it.

Let's see the following bindrune together:

The Isa rune is in the middle to stop unwanted energies made by others. The Ing is in the main rune. It brings positive energy , success to a project. With the combination of Isa, its energy stays longer, since Isa makes time go slow. Lower we see Othel inside Ing, to emphasize the possesions, like money, house etc. Some runes are hidden here like Kenaz (protecction), Thurisaz (protection by removing negativity), Nied (protection), Eihwaz (removing obstacles), Eolh (stop enemies)

The main puprose of the talisman is to protect the house, the business, the room. Of course, it should be blessed and charged for this purpose. This is a very powerful bindrune.

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