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I always wanted to have one censer from clay, as it is a ritual item that can be found in houses of ancient Hellas, but I couldn't find one. I continued to search for this censer, but I had no luck. I could make one from air-dried clay, but it wouldn't last. So, I eventually gave up. Without a pottery oven, you cannot make usable clay.

Three weeks ago, I was in Athens to buy some cables for a computer and I passed by a shop that used to sell faerie statues. The owner had closed it for some years, but since I have good memories of her, I pass by that street. It was open, but there were no faeries. I saw pottery of various shapes and so, I passed the door to ask if there was the possibility to buy a custom censer and a bowl for offerings. The new owner, miss Ioanna, had worked in the fields of art and she was more than happy to make me some custom pottery, as she is the potter. She could engrave anything I wanted and thus the idea of the following two items was possible:

  • An offerings bowl for Hekate with the crossroads engraved in the inner bottom, to have a link with Hekate's suppers (deipna). When Hekate's deipna were a part of the official religion, the municipalities had special baskets at the crossroads next to the statues of Hekate, so that the citizens could leave their offerings.
  • A tripod censer is to be connected with ritual censers like ancient tripodes and be used on the altar.

This is the part where Ioanna starts to make the pottery. She used stoneware clay, which is one of the best clays that can be used. It was shaped and then it was put in the oven for the first baking at 900 degrees Celcius. Then it has to be varnished and baked again at 1000 degrees. The potteries become thinner as the clay moisture is reduced.

Before using the censer, I put 4-5 TBS of sand with fine cut stones, to absorb and extend the heat to the bottom of the censer.

My final impressions were great. I have two valuable items for ritual use and connection with ancient Hellas and Hekate's cult. The white color suits the white anaglyph steles that are around and I also have one in my shrine. It was great cooperation with Ioanna Polyneiki and her shop, Mymade I.P. at Themistocleous 35, at the center of Athens. So, if you are in Athens and you want custom and handmade pottery at a logical price, you know the place.


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