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Text from Wikipedia:
"Mandrake of Oxford is a specialist independent publisher based in Oxford, England primarily known for the publication of "hands-on" books for occult practitioners. The company was started in 1986 under the name Golden Dawn Publications, but changed its name to Mandrake upon the publication of Sexual Magick by Katon Shual (a pen-name of founder Mogg Morgan) in 1988. Mandrake publishes texts on magick, occulture, tantra and Thelema.

Mandrake's founder, Mogg Morgan, when interviewed by occultebooks, said that he chose the name in 1987 as an homage to Aleister Crowley (see Mandrake Press) and that he prefers to publish new writers who are continuing to develop the Thelemic tradition. Mandrake of Oxford is now a partnership of Mogg and Kym Morgan. Kym Morgan is mainly responsible for Mandrake's growing series of books on crime - "Classic Crime Studies"."

Mandrake Of Oxford has published some great books like:

  • Making Talismans
  • Firechild
  • Helrunar
  • Magickal Knowledge I,II,III
  • Seidways
  • Visual Magic

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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