Leather Cases

When the witch creates his/her magical tools for ritual uses, the next step is to create cases for them. A black cotton fabric case for each tool protects it from unwanted earthy energies when the tool is not used. So, it is common to sew our own fabric cases for each tool. Some witches take it a step further by attaching them to their belt. Others, like me, prefer to lay them on the altar and remove them from the cases when the ritual is about to start.

Since I have made fabric cases, I wanted to experiment with leather cases. Leather is far more solid and stable material and if it is chosen right, it will last for many lives. I bought goat skin, since goat is related to Hekate during the Hellenistic Era, and I chose one that had a snake decoration since snakes are holy serpents for Hekate's cult. I used tiga col glue, which is a special glue for leather, and for attaching the cases to a belt I used leather sew and stitch. Since leather is hard and dense, I used thin nails to open holes for the stitch to pass through. If someone wants to sew the whole case, he should buy the special 5-pin fork for this job. Sewing is more durable than glue if you are going to mistreat the cases. Leather glue isn't the easiest to work with as it is very liquid, it requires patience and careful operations and time. The leather was cut by a pair of scissors, the same we use for cutting fabric.

In the following pictures, you can see the process and the results. I hope this project inspires you and your ritual work.


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