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The Holy Table of practice is the altar surface for Enochian or angelic magick. It is the instrument of conciliation, bringing together earth and heaven. It is the safe area to put the Sigillum Dei Aemeth and over it put the scrying device for spirit communication, specifically angelic communication, scrying, and magick. The context is similar with other grimoires like Trithemius Art of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals and the Almadel (which also contains the hexagram), which was studied by John Dee, who with Edward Kelly were instructed to create this table from the angels and perform their sessions with it.

The original dimensions are 36 x 36 inches and 34 inches tall in total. Note that we are not sure about the dimensions, as the metric cubit in 1583 remains unclear. The four legs end up in empty cases, in which 4 smaller SDAs were put inside. The purpose is to elevate the table from the ground and let it charged by 4 SDAs and the main one in the center. 

Around the surface of the table, we see the names of Bonorum or Heptarchic angels (kings and princes aligned with their planetary attributions) written from top right to left in an anticlockwise spiral. In the center, we have an extended hexagram and inside of it a small 3 x 4 square. All the letters are written with yellow or gold paint and it is best used white background color. In the points of the heptagram of the SDA, we put the ensigns of creation and then we cover the surface with a red silk cloth with gold tassels.  We put the scrying device over the SDA and our altar is ready.

In Enochian magick, there is space for experiments and changes. I didn't make the whole altar table, because I will put the wooden surface on my Golden Dawn altar. I made one of beech, a tree which was related to divination in Delphic oracle. The angels told Dee to use a sweet wood, meaning probably a fruit tree wood. My dimensions are 52 x 52 cm. It is not practical to have a 36 x 36 inches altar if your ritual space isn't big enough. I also made the hexagram smaller, but it is very nice.

Making the Holy Table

I ordered 2 panels of beech 80 x 30 cm  (28 euros) and cut them into 2 pieces of 52 x 52 cm. With an electric drill, I open holes and used wood glue and wooden dowels to make them one panel. Then I painted with 3 layers of gesso. This took me one day. The next day, I painted the background white and the letters with gold acrylic paint and a thin brush. Instead of using blessed church oil for diluting the paint, I used holy water, because acrylics don't go with oil. Then I drew the hexagram and the inner square. It took the entire evening and night. On the third day, I painted again the background with white color because it became gray with my hands as I painted the letters. It is expected. Then with a permanent marker, I made the frames and with black paint, I painted the outer frame of the surface. Then, I used gloss varnish for acrylics to complete the work. In total, 3 layers of varnish.

The gold paint is not easy to dilute and use it. So, have a lot of patience if you choose gold. I also thought to use violet in the background of the letters, but it would take 2 more days and I was satisfied with the result as it was. Before applying the white paint over the gesso, use sandpaper of 320 grit to sand the excessive gesso. Avoid painting the seven ensigns of creation in the table. Use tin (better) or brass and a permanent marker (next project) or dremel or engraving tools. Some people choose pine wood because it smells sweet, but I wouldn't use it, as it is softwood and I like my tools to be steady and long-lasting. If you can find a panel at the dimensions that you want, then you just have to paint it. I didn't use oil paints, because I don't have any and I feel comfortable with acrylics. Make sure you are using the right names before you start the process of adding the letters. Casaubon's image of the Holy Table is printed backward. This image was copied by other writers. Also, avoid making the center square large enough that it would disrupt the hexagram. If you planning to make the surface of the Holy Table, just like I did, glue 4 small printed SDAs on the backside and you will be ready. This is suggested by Lon Milo DuQuette in his Facebook live video (11/1/2021). Dee painted his own table with blue color for the borders, the background of the center square was also blue and the letters of the borders were painted with red paint. The letters of the square were gold as well as the hexagram. This is what Elias Ashmole writes, but Uriel instructed Dee to use yellow paint for the letters. Most writers like Aaron Leitch, believe that yellow is gold. Gold paint isn't very friendly to use. Buy the best you can find.

If you find this project difficult, then I don't know, print your holy table from a book and glue it on cardboard...

creating the holy table creating the holy table


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