Around 450 b.C. Euripides wrote: "Very happy is the one who knows history." 20 years later, Thucydides wrote something more advanced: "History is philosophy through examples." In the Roman Era, Cicero characterized history as a teacher of life. It is true that knowledge of the past helps us predict the future and avoid repeating mistakes that others did before. It is not only that, in ancient Hellas, preconditions existed of developing logos, philosophy, mysteries, magick that never existed again. Modern devotees of an ancient Goddess are obligated to learn the history of the Goddess and come as close as possible to the civilization that acknowledged Her and worshipped her continuously. There is no other way in magick, besides doing the best preparation before making a ritual. So, it is inevitable for this research to contain a whole reading program of historical and archaeological books both ancient and new, both sources and studies. This is standard practice not only for devotees of Hekate but devotees of the ancient Gods and Goddesses. After all, Plato wrote on Plilebos (16 c) that the ancients were better than people of his age and they lived closer to the gods.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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