Hekate's Candle


Let's put Hekate in a candle!

I always considered a good idea to have a special candle for Hekate with Her decorating the candle. The candle looks better and more official. In my first attempt, I used acrylics to paint a glass candle holder. This project was fine but it was not Hekate in the candle. Let's start


  • Decoupage glue
  • Brush no 10
  • Candle
  • Newspaper
  • Printed image with Hekate

Prefer to find a black and white image with Hekate. Cut this image so that it will not have white area around. Then lay a newspaper to work and protect your table. Take the decoupage glue and paint the back of your paper. Glue it in your candle. Press the paper gently. Take the brush and apply more glue from the center of the paper to the edges. This time paint the fron area of your printed image. Take a hairdryer and for just some seconds heat the area. Let the candle cool and it is ready.

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