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Robert Hale was bought by Crowood Press

Text from their website:

"The Crowood Press was founded in 1982 by John Dennis, who remains the company's owner and Chairman. John not only commissioned the first title, Long Distance Casting, but also edited and designed it. When it was published he, along with his wife Tina, spent hours packing and despatching copies to customers.

The success of Long Distance Casting, which was on the list for many years, set in train a remarkable period of expansion, initially in the areas of sport, martial arts, fishing, equestrianism and country sports, but soon developing into gardening, crafts, DIY, farming, dogs, motoring, military history and aviation. We have since expanded our list further to cover subjects such as practical art, theatre and writing, scale modelling, model engineering and horology. Our backlist now includes around 2000 titles, with approximately 70 new books published each year.

In 1998 Crowood acquired the highly respected Windrow & Greene military list, and since 2002 we have published books formerly produced by The Farming Press. In 2003 Crowood acquired Airlife’s extensive aviation list and in 2007 we added DVDs to complement our titles in some subject areas. In 2015 Crowood acquired Robert Hale, adding an impressive array of titles to our established lists, including the successful imprints J.A. Allen, The NAG Press and Black Horse Westerns, which we are continuing to publish.

Our list today ranges from instructional books on sports, crafts, gardening and performing arts to information and reference books on motoring, aviation and military history. We also have a wide range of titles on animal care and husbandry, from dogs and horses to poultry, sheep and cattle, as well as a comprehensive list for smallholders and farmers.

Our books are written by expert authors in their fields, and are intended for hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals in each of our publishing areas. Based in Ramsbury, Wiltshire, we remain fully independent and committed to our aims of providing high quality titles packed with detailed information for those with special interests."

Some great books published by Hale:

  • The Rebirth of Witchcraft
  • The Witches' Goddess
  • The Witches' God
  • Witchcraft for Tomorrow
  • Witches' Bible
  • Conversations with a Witch
  • Dancing with Witches
  • Witch Among Us
  • Hedge Witch
  • The Wicca Handbook

Highly recommended for witches interested in Wicca.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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