Faerie Athame


If you want to work with the faeries using faerie/fairy magick you need a bronze athame. So, I had to buy bronze and make it or find a bronze knife. I had worked with bronze before, so I have the knowledge to make a knife from metal. I was going to a meeting and I passed through an antique store. Something made me stay there and see the items. I found some old letter opener knives, which were in terrible condition. After finding one that is linked with Hekate and the ancient Minoan civilization, I made an offer to the seller and I got it at a reasonable price. Its main flaw was in the bevel close to the base of the ricasso. It was full of scratches and uneven and the knife didn't cut at all.

Some weeks later I decided to fix it and make it a working ritual knife. So, I put it on my knife jig and made the bevels from the beginning with a file. It took me 1 hour. Bronze is easy to work with. Then I started sanding from 200 grit to 2000 grit. At that stage, it bites me with the tip, but it is nothing to worry about. These things happen. The knife was very sharp and the sanding tends to make it a little less sharp. Then I started rubbing it with brasso for half an hour. Then, I made a paste of flour vinegar, and salt and let it sit for 2 hours. I washed it and passed it with olive oil.

If you are not experienced with knife making and you want to adjust your own knife, find someone to help you or educate yourself with this art. Don't try to learn things the wrong way. In Witchcraft, we make our own tools and this means that we obtain experience and special abilities to work with wood, metal, fabric, and leather. If you don't want to walk that path, find an experienced member and let it do it for you. Remember, the person who is making your tool transfers his energy to your tool.

The next thing was a cleansing and a consecrating ritual and the knife is ready to work.

Making the faerie bronze athame
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