Enochian Tablets


The Enochian Tablets are parts of the Great Table that was revealed to Edward Kelley and John Dee in the later 16th century (1587) and it was reformed with the help of archangel Raphael creating the Reformed Table or Tabula Recensa.

The Golden Dawn having partial access to Dee's diaries and using the written material as well as imagination and intuition had created a new view of the Reformed Table seeing them as elemental tablets. The top left part was attributed to air, the upper right to water, the lower left to earth, and the lower right to fire. So the four tablets represent the four elements and the fifth tablet that unites them, is the spirit. The letters of the spirit tablet are drawn from the central cross of the Reformed Table. The fifth tablet is also present in Dee's writings. The four tablets are hanged around the temple, at the walls outside the circle or altar. The central tablet is put on the altar. It has been noticed that the energy of the room changes.

The initial use of the Great Table and thus the tablets is that they give teams of celestial and katachthonic beings for the four parts of the earth. So, the watchtower tables really show beings linked with nations. Each tablet has elders, medicinal angels, metal angels, elemental angels, angels of transformation and Godnames. So, actually, the Golden Dawn system suggests a new way of seeing the tables.

Making The Tablets

I bought a fir wood of 2.50m x 40cm (25 euros) and I cut it into 4 pieces for the tablets (58 x 40 cm). Softwoods are light and practical for hanging. I used the circular hand saw and a straight wood as a guide for straight crosscuts. Then, I passed my woods in the router table that I have built to make them look like a frame. A lot of wood dust, but the result is excellent. It seems that the front side is going out of the wood.

Passing through the router

The next step is to decide is how we will draw the letters, what coloring system we will use, what language, and what style. I prefer the golden dawn pyramid style, as it is more mystical for magickal work and more filtered. It is almost impossible to paint perfectly all those triangles, so I bought them printed (50 euros in large dimensions). I passed 3 layers of gesso the woods and then added white paint. I glued the posters (gloss paper) with wood glue. You can paint all the letters by yourself and use flashing colors for a more intense effect. It will take some days, but your tablets will be more personalized. If you choose that route, you may want to check Ciceros' Secrets of A Golden Dawn Temple. If you used printed paper for the letters, the tablets will be perfect.

With two screws at each tablet that ended into a circle and a wire, the tablets were ready to stay in the walls of my personal temple.

I painted white the back side of the tablets to have a solid front-back side.

Creating the tablets Creating the enochian tablets part 2


The Tablet Of Union

For the tablet of union, I used a piece of birch that I had. Birch is my go-to hardwood because it is available in my area. I cut it at 21 x 17 cm using a table saw. Then I passed it to the router. Hardwoods are unpredictable in the router as they split in the corners. Three layers of gesso with sanding in the 2nd layer. Then with thin rectangular brushes (no 2 to 4) and acrylics for the triangles. Use a Pilot permanent marker for the letters. For the finish 3 layers of gloss varnish. If you choose to create the pyramids, make sure you have 3-4 hours for painting.

Creating the tablet of union


  1. Printed Enochian tablets in Gamecrafter
  2. Printed Enochian toolset from Jason Augustus Newcomb
  3. Ciceros' Enochian Tablets with variations.

Enochian tablets

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