Elemental Tablets


In this project we are going to construct four wooden elemental tablets for our sacred space or for the magical circle.

In the Golden Dawn Hermetic Tradition there is a highly important ritual, the Watchtower Ritual. It is done before every magickal working invoking the elementals at the four quarters using pentagrams, God names and Enochian magick. The structure of this ritual was copied later on and passed to other western magical traditions. Four elemental tablets displaying the elemental triangles hung on the walls, though in the Golden Dawn, the four Watchtower Tablets are more complex and they have their own life. Another variation, maybe for a Wiccan Circle, is to put the ones with the elemental triangles just outside the circle and have the elemental candle inside the circle to illuminate the tablet. Those tablets help with the focussing, orientation and invocation of the energies in the space.

I have made mine out of wood. I cut the wood to the dimensions of 22 x 30 cm. Later I used sandpaper to make the edges smooth. With gesso I painted the surface twice and then applied the background color using acrylics. I tried to center the triangles. You can use my image or you can create better analogies. The important thing is to create an equilateral triangle (all three sides and thus the angles (60 degrees) are equal). For the wooden plaques I used, the sides of the triangle are 18 cm. To finish it off I used semi-gloss for the colors and gloss varnish fro the wood to keep the tablet protected from sun, air and water. It lasts longer and with gloss varnish the colors come "alive". I added screws with circular heads to hang the tablets on the walls. Use a compass to be accurate.

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