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In this project we are going to make a candle holder from wood. We need a piece of wood from a tree, especially from a big branch and a drill. The candle holders should be put on the altar. They bring a natural earth energy to your magickal place.

This summer I went to my village. My family owns a farm with olive trees, oranges, mandarines and figs. I found some cut pieces of branches. Those dry woods would be used in the winter for producings heat in the fireplace. I chose some wild olive trees, which have strong wood. You can use whatever wood you find beautiful, circular and wide enough. Visit your local shop which sells wood for fire and ask for whole pieces.

Step one - Cutting the wood

With a hand saw which has small teeth, so it is appropriate to cut small branches, but here we will use it for clean cuts, cut straight and with slow motions in th beggining, the lentght of your candle holder. Make sure you have someone to support the wood and put a glove to the left hand that catches the wood.

Step two - Drilling

Most candles have a diameter of 2 cm. We will need a drill of 20 mm width to make the hole. It is better to use a 22mm or after you make the hole, use your dremmel with sandpaper and make the hole bigger. If you don't do that, the candle cannot be easily removed and it will be impossible to use your candle holder.

Step three-Sanding

If your cutting is smooth use a 200 grit sandpaper and then a 400 grit. If you have an electric sander (car type), use it carefully, in low speed. I used 100 and 240 grit.

Final steps

Use a soap to clean and then put some hot water. Preheat the oven and put the candle holders in 200 for 5 minutes to one side (bottom up) less than 10 minuts to the other side (hole up). Do not overheat or let them for many minutes because the wood will crack. With a wood oil and a brush vitalize the wood. I used teak oil. Those oils could be found in knife-making shops, they preserve the wood. Another good choise is tung oil.

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