Outside the Triangular Hieron

Each one of us has a place that helps him draw inspiration and raise his energy. For me, there are some very nice options in Athens. Archaeological places related to Hekate. I visit them often to pay my respects to the Goddess and raise my energy. It is impossible not to be around them after some days, at least for me.

Today, after the end of the quarantine for the corona-virus, I visited the Sanctuary of Hekate. Taking the road from Thesio to Monasteraki, there is a path that leads to the Sanctuary and it passes from the south side of the ancient agora. In the middle of that path, there is the triangular hieron, that Eirini has found and wrote about it. I usually sit on a wooden bench and I open myself to the energy of the place. This time, the experience was intense. I immediately connected with moments from my past, where I sat at that place and the thoughts I did, came back to my mind. One main urge was to read ancient texts, the same urge I felt during the ROHSF. 

I am sure that you know what I am talking about. When we ask the guidance of the Goddess or when we invoke often, soon after that, we feel the need to do things or things happen to us that are related with the problems we deal or with what we ask from the Goddess. If we ignore these urges, then they will fade and we will lose that connection. Each one of us is capable of invoking certain energies and those energies react with us. The more we work with those energies, the better we become and the stronger that connection is. The connection with the Goddess or our Higher Self or the divine part of our soul. 

I couldn't imagine living without that connection and the presence of a place where I can connect with the Goddess and re-charge my batteries. When I lived in Mytilene, I could see ancient columns and temples all over the city. Depending on the part of the world you live, there should be a place or a museum or even a modern statue that you can use as battery to communicate, connect, find inspiration or just pray. 

During the quarantine, I studied some of the Golden Dawn books I have and I renewed my altar tools, but I neglected to study ancient texts because I have been solely focused on the Golden Dawn, but you see, the energy is coming back and it is inviting me. It is persistent and me, as well as anyone who feels the calling, should respond in his own time. Remember, our society is hostile against the re-connection with nature and the awareness of the spiritual world, but we have the option to follow the mainstream or find the way to balance the modern with the ancient world inside of us.

Towards the Sanctuary of Hekate Sanctuary of Hekate in May 2020

Image of the Sanctuary of Hekate, this time period. Full of wheat but still better than having no life. As I wrote to the blog post, balance could be even better.

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Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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