Live Pygmalion, Live!

In a text of Emmanuel Rhoides titled "Orestes and Pylades" we read a story about a sculptor named Pygmalion. He wanted to create a statue of Aphrodite. He spent a night working with the hammer. He shed a lot of sweat in the marble during the process. This was common at that time. The whole night he was imagining Aphrodite and he was creating. We can say that he was under divine mania. He rubbed the statue with an apple (sacred to Aphrodite) to soften the marble and then he continued to work. In the morning he saw the final result. It was magnificent. The sun made the statue seem alive.

The sculptor felt his heart beating faster. And faster... Aphrodite was very beautiful and alive, in front of him, in the shape of the marble. He spent many moments noticing the statue. He started to adore his work. But he knew that he wasn't alone when he made it. This wasn't a piece of art made by his hands, but with his hands. This realization shows a degree of self-development.

After that experience, he couldn't feel love for another woman. He had seen the most beautiful of all and he had her in his workshop. All other women seemed to him profane comparing with the statue of Aphrodite. He spent his days and his nights in front of his piece of art. He hugged the feet of the statue and watched it. He wanted to have a bat to his beating heart. Love was killing him from the inside. It is that kind of love when you cannot do anything to persuade the other side to feel attraction for you because you cannot interact with that side. He stopped eating, moving, he stopped living as a normal human being. This shows his grief. After some days, he was close to seeing Charos (death). As he was lying in the floor, Aphrodite Herself became alive within the statue, approached him and whispered to his ear "LIVE PYGMALION, LIVE!" His life changed. He became a better human and he lived in the sensible world, again.

This was a story from the famous writer Emmanuel Rhoides written in 1885. He described mania and a close connection with the Goddess. We also learn that the Gods want us to be happy and enjoy our life and if we are in danger, they will come and save us, even from our selves, as well as we are open to them. Pygmalion didn't achieve a perfect connection with the Goddess without having a certain level of virtue and this is not theoretical, ancient philosophy is practical. Good people are capable of good actions, especially if they try hard to achieve them.

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Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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