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Some years ago, I have written in the Covenant of Hekate Facebook group that there is a plan to disappear Hekate from modern archaeology. I displayed some examples of what had happened in Hellas. The members, who weren't educated about these subjects, didn't believe this theory, but now, we have a new incident, following the same political line of canceling Hekate's cult.

There is a statue of Hekate in the British Museum, which is in very good condition and it looks like some statues that we have in Hellas. It was found in ancient Rome, as a gift from a slave who gained his freedom and he wanted to thank the Goddess Hekate. The museum had decided to hide it, but in the last months have been displayed and devotees of Hekate had the chance to see it and take pictures. Yet, the museum decided not to respect the religious piety and need of those devotees and so, it will be hidden again. The illogical thought doesn't stop there. They have registered the state online as one of Diana's! So, they don't know what they see and they misinform people. We, as Hellenes have many problems with the Museum, as they have stolen our cultural inheritance from the Acropolis of Athens, and we have read that the statues have been brushed with iron brushes too! 

I call you to send an email to the British Museum asking them not to hide the statue of Hekate Trimorphis and express your disappointment about their decision for not respecting Hekate's cult.

The statue: The displayed image comes from the same link.

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