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Updated: 3rd of April
I am going to describe you a situation that you won’t believe. It is beyond surrealism.

Readers of this blog, you may have noticed that both of us (the writers) avoid commenting the work of other people, either books, articles, religious communities or businesses. We try to have a level of seriousness in our previous blog A Witch Alone and modern website Crossroads Witch. Despite our initial decision we have to bend sometimes, as things happen in life that we cannot keep us quiet. You cannot sit and pray when next to you there is unfairness. As the ancient Hellenes said, it is a shame to stand and be quiet when Hellas is under unfairness. You have to do something better than praying. Act immediately and stop the spreading badness or the passions of the soul. Gods have given us the free will to use it as we wish. If we try to be like them, thus live a live aligned with the virtues, then we will make our guardian daimon happy. If not, he is going to abandon us, as we choose to live a life focused in matter, thus the pleasures of the body, personal gain etc.

I am a very active member in the community of the Goddess Hekate. Not just here in the blog. I answer questions on facebook, I post on groups, pages, I participate in discussions, I comment on youtube videos in anything related with the Mother Hekate. I also challenge people to a live public discussion on the Goddess. I do that from the moment I entered the Covenant Of Hekate (COH). It is a dedication for me, a devotion to the Goddess. One group that is very open to all is the facebook group called Hekate’s Crossroads. The group allows everyone to enter and engage conversations, but what it can be noticed, is that people usually abandon the worship of the Goddess, sooner or later. There are people who are devoted and they also participate and others who do not participate, except if they think that they have something useful to ask or comment.

In January of 2018 a member asked for an advice. She was a beginner. I responded and I got many likes. People not only agree, but recognize me as I am an active member who provides useful information and knowledge. This is not an ego thing, it is a fact. In January 14th, another member commented on my response. Let’s see what happened. I responded to the beginner that the best advice I could give her is to read good books before attempting communication with the Goddess. This means reading of decent books on the Goddess Hekate and not novels and fantasies. Note that this is standard procedure in magick. The other member, who showed up, some days later, responded to my comment that reading isn’t good. Not only this is a personal opinion, it offers nothing to a beginner, except confusion. I engaged the conversation (I couldn’t help it) with that member and she supported that she is a scientist. Can you imagine a scientist who doesn’t read? In my country, you cannot even complete the high school if you don’t read daily and going to a tuition center, extra to the public school, for extra hours for the school courses. And your family pays a lot of money for 2 years (16-17 years old). She also claimed to be a librarian. Let me notice again, that this lady supported that reading isn’t going to offers anything. And as we were discussing, she supported that Hekate didn’t have any temples in Hellas. I informed that woman that I have done research and I have presented some of my findings in the blog. I sent her the links. She didn’t read them (reacted in less than 2 minutes) and she responded that there are no temples. Just to testify that today, 5/2 2018 I visited again the ancient temple of Hekate in Athens and I prayed and did my offerings to the Goddess. We have also a reportage in the blog for the closed sanctuary of Hekate. The lady continued to be rude and I had to remind her contradictions she had inevitably fell in the discussion.

At that point, instead of having a support from the administrator team, for providing information to the group constantly and in that case, supporting the importance of research, archaeology and written texts (ancient and modern studies), they decided to remove me from the group and block me.

I contacted immediately with all three torchbearers, who are also people that respect my work as I respect theirs too. One wasn’t online. The other supported me and the third is the one who kicked me out of the group. In fact she told me that this group isn’t connected with the COH, as she is also a member of the Covenant of Hekate as I am too, and she didn’t want to apologize or even discuss! She sent me warnings that she is going to block me from her profile too. This is a torchbearer of the Goddess Hekate! Allow me to share with you a story.

Stoics believed that one philosopher is a philosopher too when he is sleeping. Also, when he is eating, walking, studying, discussing, thinking or playing. He is always a philosopher. A torchbearer is a always a torchbearer, especially then he performs activities related with the Goddess he represents. In our case …the Goddess Hekate. So, a torchbearer is always a torchbearer in and out of the group, online and offline. Just like a priest he is always a priest. A distant attorney is always on duty, a policeman etc. Having agreed in that, this action of the female torchbearer is against her role, as she stopped a member who constantly spreads the light of the Goddess, to thousands of members. So, not only she didn’t act as a torchbearer, she acted exactly the opposite way a torchbearer would suppose to act. This means that her ego or emotional state or the anger part of her soul (thymiko in Platonism) controls her mind, in our case, her role as a torchbearer. In our modern society we call professionalism when we perform our duty whatever anger levels we may have reached. Also, the other two girls didn’t put a barrier to that behavior, which means that will happen again and again.

What makes me feel sad is that people support that they are something, but they aren’t. They take a title for just have a title. In my country we have many people with the title of the president. They don’t have the ability to support their initial claims. And of course humans make mistakes and carried away by emotions, but when time pass and the emotions don’t still control the logical mind, then we should have justice. But not in this case. This means, not that a member who constantly presents knowledge and new information will be out, but also that thousands of members won’t have the opportunity to read one opinion in that place. Also, anyone can claim online that he/she is a scientist, an astronaut, a fitness instructor, a doctor, but this can't be verified. We only have a profile, the arguments on the discussion and nothing else. Anyway, managing a group of devotees is a responsibility. The place of this responsibility doesn't fit any politics.

The person who is responsible, still has the title of the torchbearer. Today, 3rd of April 2018 the admins of the Covenant of Hekate informed me that they support their atheist member and her title of torchbearer. The COH's keybearer, the owner contacted me. I told her that I have proofs that only her torchbearer voted against me and not the other members. She didn't want to learn more. In a previous discussion she even told me that she can't do anything as this isn't a matter of the COH. But she contradicted herself on 3rd of April by sending me an official letter writing that the admin team (all torchbearers) decided to support their atheist torchbearer and suspend my membership from the Covenand of Hekate! Make your judgement, but for me this is politics and hypocricy. I hate when people lie and contradict themselves as this is a proof of illogical thinking. Of course, there are other reasons too, for that decision, reasons I am going to present in a future article, because all those actions like the blocking from the Crossroads group are parts of a plan that the administration has designed and the reasons will be presented soon. The keybearer of the Covenant of Hekate had pressed me to delete this blog post, because it is an attack to the Covenant of Hekate. I responded to her that I am only writing the truth in this blog post and as I am saying no lies I have nothing to be afraid of. Why should I hide what is happening? After all, the protagonists are one torchbearer and one devotee of the COH, acting outside the COH. And again, I am not lying. That is what happened. If there is something wrong with the situation, then the person who describes the situation isn't the problem, the problem is the person who causes the unfairness. And that's too odd to say for a community that is based on the virtue of justice. Irony right?

Going back to our torchbearer and admin of the group, she didn’t have any difficulty to support that all three administrators voted to remove and block me from the group. I have evidence for the opposite. But, who cares, right? On what point a servant of the Goddess who chooses the role of teaching others, stops the ideas of other people who constantly contributing to the community? To make things more spicy, does this torchbearer/servant/teacher is an atheist? How you serve the Goddess when you write in your blog that “No God no Goddess.” Search it dear reader. How easily we are carried away by others, because we have the good will to believe their claims? How a Witch can be an atheist? And how a devotee of Hekate, especially, when atheism in ancient Hellas was a crime? Oh, I forgot to mention that though in the Covenant of Hekate, members accept some Platonic teachings like the virtues or the Cosmic Soul, they don't understand them and not that, they resist on them by even calling Plato "poor", "misunderstood so radically the human quality of self-development" and things like that. Though those comments usually get erased, people still fight me when I express the Platonic teachings like they are some kind of weapons of destruction or they ignore them. Usually, people like to learn on things they say they believe.

Some of you think that the torchbearer may not follow the ancient teachings, and she has substituted them with new, modern ones. That's ok, but here, I am transfering my view. When this idea of being an atheist priestess is completely strange with the Hellenic mindset, from antiquity till today. Speaking on antiquity and ancient Hellas, the article which I wrote some days before the incident "The Ancients Wouldn't Had Blocked you in a Dialogue" seems prophetic now.

Enough for that, we are all human beings a part of the Goddess and the God or to write it correctly, we carry the divine inside of us, the soul. This is the part we have and connect us all together and with the Cosmic Soul. As Hekate is the Cosmic Soul, we are all connected with Her and She is our Mother. What we can do to help each other see the truth of this statement? There is only one thing we can do. Be honest with ourselves, work diligently, propagate right ideas on gods and help others to walk the road we have taken, if we are sure that this road is valid, true, right, the road of virtue. It is not enough to spread right teachings on the nature of gods. We have to stop ill ideas too and protect the beginners from falling in traps, like book marketing and new age workshops that lead to nothing more than creating some question marks. The real thing, Witchcraft and Magick will never be advertised vastly, as there was never a path for all. Plato had a group, in which he taught some secret teachings, as Pythagoras did years before. In all cases and conditions we have to be honest for us firstly. What we are defines our soul and with this part only we can communicate with the Goddess. This is our real self. We have to work practically to cleanse it from the desires and wishes we don’t need and that keep us away, like the snake does when it changes skin.

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