Prayer To Isis-Hekate

In book eleven of Apuleius's Metamorphoses, the hero, Lucius, is saved due to the divine intervention of Isis and then he becomes a priest of Her cult. When he is initiated in Her mystery cult in Hellas, he says a prayer during the end of his initiation. Apuleius, or his hero, Lucius feels grateful and happy at the end of his initiation. The prayer it follows is that one, but you can use it as a prayer to any Goddess you are devoted to. In our case, to Hekate. Since it is a very personal prayer, use it if you are so closely connected to the Goddess and after it, place your offerings on your altar.

I did the translation from the Hellenic translation of the work published by Nefeli publications in 1982, which is based on a translation of 1927


Holy and saint protectress of humankind,

you who are always see everything and comfort everything.

You who have the care of the mother for those who feel uneasy.

You who don't stop for a moment to bless people.

You who protect us in sea and earth.

You who dissolve the bad moments of life and help us to the bad turn of fate.

You who stop the evil and send back the bad influences of the stars.

Heaven likes you, Hades recognizes you.

You turn the sphere, light the sun and control the universe's movement.

Tartarus is in your feet, the stars obey you and you enliven their light.

You bring the seasons, you define the elements,

because of you, the winds turn,

the clouds gather and the seeds sprout and mature.

The birds who live in the air,

the snakes who crawl to the earth,

the monsters who swim to the sea, they all tremble to your power.

My imagination is poor to praise you as I should like,

my fortune is not enough to offer you enough sacrifices,

neither my own stamina,

neither 1000 mouths,

neither 1000 tongues

nor an endless speech could express what I feel for your greatness.

I will do what I can, as a human, loyal but weak,

I will keep forever into my heart your form and remembrance of your divinity.  


Now you can add:

Please accept (name) my offerings of (name the offerings)

which I give to you as a gesture to express my gratitude.

Walk with me and guide me through my activities.


Tu quidem saneta et humani generis sospitatrix perpetua, semper fovendis mortalibus munifica, dulcem matris affectionem miserorum casibus tribuis. Nec dies nec quies ulla ac ne momentum quidem tenue tuis transcurrit beneficiis otiosum, quin mari terraque protegas homines et depulsis vitae procellis salutarem porrigas dexteram, qua fatorum etiam inextricabiliter contorta retractas licia, et Fortunae tempestates mitigas, et stellarum noxios meatus cohibes. Te superi colunt, observant inferi, tu rotas orbem, luminas solem, regis mundum, calcas Tartarum. Tibi respondent sidera, redeunt tempora, gaudent numina, serviunt elementa: tuo nutu spirant flamina, nutriunt nubila, germinant semina, crescunt germina. Tuam maiestatem perhorrescunt aves caelo meantes, ferae montibus errantes, serpentes solo latentes, beluae ponto natantes. At ego referendis laudibus tuis exilis ingenio et adhibendis sacrificiis tenuis patrimonio: nec mihi vocis ubertas ad dicenda quae de tua maiestate sentio sufficit, nec ora mille linguaeque totidem vel indefessi sermonis aeterna series. Ergo quod solum potest, religiosus quidem sed pauper alioquin, efficere curabo: divinos tuos vultus numenque sanctissimum intra pectoris mei secreta conditum perpetuo custodiens imaginabor.

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