Pathworking is a technique that uses imagination for magickal purposes; to gain insight, to change your physical reality, to heal yourself and deal with trauma, to meet spirits, etc. We don’t have proof if the technique of pathworking was practiced in ancient Hellas, but we can assume that Socrates when he describes the earth from the universe before he died, shouldn’t have been there with a rocket to the Moon. Platonic myths that we read in the books could be a product of Plato’s imagination to present his occult teachings to the public, but he could also give them pathworkings to work for and gain insight. Under that prizm, some of the Platonic myths and the Hellenic myths can be used for pathworking. How we do that? Firstly we need to know the myths and secondly the basics of pathworking. After that, the practitioner can read a myth and do a combination of active and passive pathworking.

Active pathworkings are guided meditations with certain directions of that symbols the practitioner sees, what spirits he sees, where he goes, what they tell him. It is a teaching process that helps him with his study to understand teaching. Passive pathworkings give provide to the practitioner general instructions and they leave time and space for him to live within the environment he has been guided. At this point, images and words appear to him and he gains knowledge, he sees things, he asks questions and he receives answers, just like with a spirit vision. Pathworkings are effective if they bring change to the person or his physical world, else, they are a waste of time.

Pathworkings are not an astral projection. The practitioner does not leave his body. He is safer. The only danger is that he should be careful of how he applies what he has felt, learned, or experienced. Just like with spirit vision, we should initially accept that everything was real and then we record it and test it in the real world. There are testing methods in these techniques, but we will leave it.

A basic technique to start a pathworking is to do a relaxation technique for the body., the fourfold breath, the LIRP. You then lie down and you should feel completely calm and numb. Imagine that you have a door in front of you to the colors appropriate to the realm you want to go. A symbol related to that is on the door, engraved. Over the door, there is an image. See the image being full of light like it is alive. Having the intention to enter. Do the projection sign to enter the door and the sign of the enterer when you pass the door. Vibrate the name of the Goddess and the appropriate epithet. If you are working with Hekate Phosphorus, you expect to walk to an ancient city and find Her statue holding two torches. See the statue, stay at the base and you will see the Goddes in front of you. A conversation will start or the Goddess will take you to some other place. Let the vision unfold.

There are four pathworkings created by Mima Cornish, who is a devotee of Hekate and we have worked with them, so we suggest them to the devotees and readers of this book. You can find them on Sound Cloud, online.

  • Hekate Phosphorus
  • Hekate Einalia
  • Hekate Chthonia
  • Hekate Soteira

A devotee can also print a depiction of Hekate and use it for pathworking. Do the same preparations and put the image on your third eye. Close your eyes and see that door. Over the door you will see the image over the door, glowing. Enter and try to put the image in the context that you think it should be. It will probably be an ancient temple or a sanctuary with other people around participating in a ritual celebration, a sacrifice offering, a prayer, an oracle, etc. Let the vision unfold. But to go there, you should first imagine yourself being away from the temple and you will walk towards the temple either by passing through a cave, a path in the forest, a village where you ask for instructions, etc. Sometimes, it is possible to find yourself within a temple, when you pass that door. Experiment and choose what suits you.

In case you visited a temple or sanctuary of Hekate in Athens or Stratonikeia, imagine that place alive, with everything working, people walking, priests performing offerings, etc. and put yourself in that dream. You can also put yourself in today’s reality and try to invoke the Goddess and the spirit guards of the ancient place to see what will appear. You can directly do that when you are in the place, in the physical place, but instead of pathworking, you will use the technique of spirit vision. It will work well if you go at night, outside the place and try it.

A piece of advice. When you start practicing pathworkings, do one every day and write your experiences in a journal. There is no need for more. Keep it consistent, not breaking the routine. If your pathworking is successful, allow yourself to digest, test, and see how you can apply what you learned of felt. Until then, don’t do another pathworking. During the pathworking, the person may feel itches, he should ignore that. If he feels pain, he should check his position and if it insists, he should stop the exercise. If someone falls asleep and he has slept before, he should accept that maybe his memory fails to remember the pathworking or he has health issues he should check. If someone sheds tears while he is practicing pathworking, meditation, spirit vision, it is normal because he is concentrating energy for the experience and he is parallel cleansed.

Do not criticize the pathworking, because you won’t have successful experiences.


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