Invocation to Selene

I used the Homeric hymn to Selene, the Orphic hymn to Selene and the Idylls of Theocritus as the main sources of inspiration in order to write the following invocation.

Cleanse your space.

Erect the temple.

Anoint your forehead with pure olive oil shaping a crescent moon. 

Make the gesture of invoking/praising.


Invocation to Selene

Sister of Helios and Eos
you with the long wings
who wear a long clad.


Most favorable star of the sky
kore who grow and fall away.


O Selene anassa thea,
prophron, eyplokame, faesphore.


Goddess with the moon horns
come with your chariot of horses.
As the dark air is glowing,
I invoke you, white handed Goddess
who give life to empower the living beings.
Selene, Goddess of the urge that love creates
of the joy and luck that follow your passing
lamprochrome thea chaire,
you and all the stars of the lightened sky.


Mother of the sacred Craft of herbs and magick,
come in this sacred place with good will
come to this circle I summon thee.
Mistress of the tides, of waters
of intuition and psychic powers
bless my tools, bless my work.
I am ready as I have passed the sword of daring,
I wear your metal and I am anointed with olive oil.
I invite your power to glow through me
use my mind, use my body, use my hands
with you in me I am free
Kore euastere so mote it be!


euastere, the good star, the happy star
lamprochrome thea, the goddess who is brightly colored
prophron, with good will, attitude
eyplokame, with good braid
faesphore, who brings the light
kore, maiden or of young age
anassa thea, ruler goddess or queen goddess

Image: Selene, 1rst-2nd century A.C., Vatican Museum

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