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I have written about the Lunar Light and the Lunar Mansions in the previous articles. I will present an example by examining the next Full Moon. We will see if it is appropriate for charging a pentagram with the energy of Hekate, to empower and guide us on daily interactions, taking decisions, making the right choice so that we can become better people and come close to Her. So, we will check if the next Full Moon is appropriate for that.

The next Full Moon is on the 9th of March. As the Moon energy lasts the day before and the day after, we will check the 8th and the 10th of March.

The Mansions of those days are: 

 13  04 VI 17' 09"   8 Mar 2020 AD GC   5:36:54 PM
 14  17 VI 08' 34"   9 Mar 2020 AD GC   1:54:26 PM
 15  00 LI 00' 00"  10 Mar 2020 AD GC  10:02:52 AM

And their explanations

13 Sex, love, increase of harvests, safe journey, completion of buildings, binding nobles for a favour, start relationship

14 Breaking harmful bindings, break-up, endings, healing, destruction of harvest, bad road journey, good sea journey, couple separation

15 Focus on business, money, prosperity, money related message, underground treasure, separation of couple


As we see, none of the mansions is appropriate. Let's see the previous mansions.

10 Power, love, friendship, success, healing, completion of buildings, destruction of enemies, love of allies, childbirth

11 Charisma, prestige, pride, mastery, power, gain, the courage to endure, safe travelling, strong buildings, increase wealth of the allies

Both of them are good. Now, we have to check if the Moon is dignified on the 6th of March.

10  25 CN 42' 51"   6 Mar 2020 AD GC   2:07:59 AM
11  08 LE 34' 17"   6 Mar 2020 AD GC  11:52:38 PM
12  21 LE 25' 40"   7 Mar 2020 AD GC   8:59:28 PM

Casting an electional chart in for 10:00 a.m. (my local time will be 12:00) we have the Moon in Midheaven, which is great and the Moon is at 6 degrees Leo, which has zero points. It is weak. Casting another chart, at 6:00 a.m. (8:00 in Athens) the Moon is at 27 degrees Cancer (rulership), which means it is dignified. Ok, I know it is morning, but that is good timing. The Sun is away at 16 degrees Pisces. But, the Moon is making opposition with Saturn. We have to choose another month. But we can ignore the opposition and proceed if we want to. (We will. Read the next election.)

Moving to April. Full Moon is on 8th day of April.

15  00 LI 00' 00"   6 Apr 2020 AD GC   9:16:08 PM
16  12 LI 51' 22"   7 Apr 2020 AD GC   5:23:58 PM
17  25 LI 42' 51"   8 Apr 2020 AD GC   1:32:05 PM
18  08 SC 34' 17"   9 Apr 2020 AD GC   9:51:07 AM
19  21 SC 25' 40"  10 Apr 2020 AD GC   6:31:29 AM

17 Protection of property, protection of money and resources, anti-theft protection, starting a very strong friendship

The 17th mansion has protective energy and is appropriate for building a friendship with the Goddess. The Moon enters that mansion at 1:32 p.m. At that time the Moon is at 23 degrees Libra. The Moon is weak with zero points. In the 9th of April at 3 a.m. there are two squares with Saturn and Mars with the Moon. So, we will return to the previous timing. 

March 6th, 8:00 am. in Athens, Mansion 10 (power, love, friendship), Moon in Cancer (rulership) waxing 86% illumination

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