Make an ankh by wood. This is a symbol of life. It looks like a key. It is good to have a symbol in your working space that will raise all vibrations and it will bring divine light.


Ankh‬ or Aphrodite's symbol or Crux Ansata, or Key of Life. It represents the energy of Aphrodite, the eternal life, the union of male (T) and female (O) or the co-existence of the opposites, the manifestation of life (in egyptian hieroglyphics) force , human(the circle is the head and the tau cross are the arms and feet), the magickal elements (cross for the elements and oval shape for the sun).


Now, let's make an ankh or the key of life. We need a wooden surface from fir. Fir is soft wood, so it can be worked easily. Use carbon to draw the ankh in the wood and using a jigsaw you cut the wood. After, with smirdex paper you make it as smooth as you can. Apply gessho on the top of the wood two times to paint with acrylics. Gessho is a layer you put before acrylics. If you have not acrylics in the house buy a good set of small tubes. Paint with gold color (mix some orange, lot of yellow, a needle of blue) all the ankh and leave the front area to apply the other colors. Using low numbered brushes (no 2, 4 and 6) and patience you will paint the front area with all the appropriate colors. When it will dry apply gloss varnish to protect it from sun, dust, water and moist. The colors will become alive with the gloss varnish. If you think that you can't make an ankh an you want to have one, contact me to make it for you.


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