We are two Hellenes who believe in the importance of antiquity and we have great respect of the ancient national inheritance. Under that prism, we both seek ancient knowledge in ancient texts of philosophy (politics, ethics, metaphysics, theology) and we try to understand and incorporate those teachings. The study of history is necessary to understand the cultural conditions of the ancient periods and better follow the succession of the teachings. We are heavily influenced by Platonism and Neoplatonism and this is something you will notice in the whole website. We do research on the Goddess Hekate in ancient texts, archaeological books, historical studies, visitng archaeological places and we try to trace and show to the community of the Goddess, unknown archaeological exhibits related to Her cult. This website is a synopsis of contributions towards the religious community of the Goddess Hekate. Enjoy, encourage and share.

-The Crossroads Witch team.


Greek mythology consists of a rich collection of works referring allegorically to the origin of the world; they describe scientific physical and metaphysical phenomena hidden symbolically in the adventures of a wide variety of gods, heroes, heroines

Around 450 b.C. Euripides wrote: "Very happy is the one who knows history." 20 years later, Thucydides wrote something more advanced: "History is philosophy through examples." In the Roman Era, Cicero characterized history as a teacher of life.

The thing that affects our thinking more than any other occupation is the ancient Hellenic philosophy. We learn to live in harmony with the mind, acknowledge the presence of the divine providence, leaning towards our divine self our soul.

For ancient man, Witchcraft or magic is a way of communication with the Gods and Goddesses and various invisible forces.

Constantinos is a Tae a Kwon Do, Chap Koon Do and Judo athlete and trainer, Komyo Reiki Do® practitioner and teacher, Johrei member and practitioner...

Eirini (Irene) was born in Athens. She studied Oceanography at the University of the Aegean and she has an intense interest in both Marine...

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My name is Colleen, I live just outside Heidelberg, Germany and am the mother of two grown children.  I was born in the USA, but I grew up in...

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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