Prayer To Isis-Hekate

In book eleven of Apuleius's Metamorphoses, the hero, Lucius, is saved due to the divine intervention of Isis and then he becomes a priest of Her cult. When he is initiated in Her mystery cult in Hellas, he says a prayer during the end of his initiation. Apuleius, or his hero, Lucius feels grateful and happy at the end of his initiation. The prayer it follows is that one, but you can use it as a prayer to any Goddess you are devoted to. In our case, to Hekate. Since it is a very personal prayer, use it if you are so closely connected to the Goddess and after it, place your offerings on your altar.

I did the translation from the Hellenic translation of the work published by Nefeli publications in 1982, which is based on a translation of 1927

Early Christian Propaganda

In this article, we will see how early Christians saw witchcraft as a threat, how they dealt with it, and what they wrote about it. Mainly, we will see their views on ancient Hellenic/Greek religion and other ancient religions like the Egyptian, Persian, and Roman religions and how they created hate against all old religions to promote their own.

Levi's History Of Magic

When I was 20 years old, my teacher in Wicca and I were discussing books about Magick. I asked her one day her opinion on Eliphas Levi History Of Magic. She told me that there are better books on this subject and that this book is outdated. Years later, I asked the same question to Sorita d' Este, around 2015. She told me the same thing. The problem is that I paid a lot of money (46 euros) to buy the two volumes translated in Hellenic/Greek and I had to read them eventually. The work that has been done by the Greek masonic publishing house in this book is awful. At the beginning of 2022, I started this task and in this article, I am sharing with you the main points of that work along with some of my thoughts.

Witch Blood

In Orion Foxwood's book, The Flame In The Cauldron we see the term "witch blood". It is when a person realizes that he has the urge to study and practice witchcraft, as he was a witch in a previous life. It will be awakened during training into a magical tradition. But, how do we get there?


Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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