Triangular shrine of Hekate in Athens

A triangle-shaped open air sanctuary is located just outside the southwest corner of the Agora in Athens. Its position at a crossroad and the triangular shape of its enclosure, the building is indicated to be a shrine of Hekate.

Necropolis and Hekate

Necropolis means the city of the dead. The archaeological place of Kerameikos in its biggest part is a necropolis, a place associated with death, religious practices, and art. For the first time, I will present info about Hekateion, the temple of Hekate in necropolis, and a Triangular Hiero of an unknown Goddess, standing in three ways crossroads, next to the way of Eleusis.






Important Buildings of Kerameikos

Dipylo, Pompeio, Z, and the heated Valaneio. The buildings of the east side of Hiera Odos.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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