Beginners Reading List about Hekate

This is the beginners a reading list and focuses on the books that a beginner should read in order to get to know the Goddess and Her characteristics better.

There are different books about different topics that someone might find interesting. Some of these books are easier to read and some demand background reading that is indirectly related to Hekate to be properly understood. In the following list, you will find books that anyone who is interested in Hekate should read, and there is no need for reading other books at first place prior to reading those suggested in the list. Choose one book to begin with and enjoy your read!

Hekate in Theogony


Hesiod is the second after Homer well known Hellene poet. Modern historians have agreed that he was born close to 850 b.C. but ancients believed he was born at 2300 b.C.

His father cafe from Kyme of Aeolis and he was a sailor. But his job didn't provided a lot of money to live, so he want to Beotia and he lived in Askra, close to Ellicon. He changed profession, raising sheeps. He had two sons. Hesiod was a shepperd until one day the Muses found him in Ellicon and talked to him giving also a wand of bay and the ability to make great poems. After that incident he participated in poetic games in Chalkida of Euvoia and he won a tripod with two handles.

Goddess Asteria

Asteria was daughter of titans Koios and Phoebe, granddaughter of Ouranus and Earth and sister of Leto who gave birth to Artemis and Apollo. Koios was responsible for the quality of things. His name in ionic dialect is Koios but in aiolic dialect is Poios which means quality (κοῖος = ποῖος = quality). His wife, Phoebe, had the abilities of clearness and diaphaneity. Leto had the abilities of night and lethe and Asteria was responsible for the movement of the stars and their appearance. So quality and diaphaneity born night and stars.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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