Lunar Light

This is the first article on a series of Lunar Magick or Magick of the Moon. In Witchcraft, the energy of the moon is basically restricted in the lunar light aspect, but in the series, we are going to expand this very basic knowledge to other aspects too. As Hekate is the Goddess of the Moon and the Goddess of Magick, I think that all of Her devotees should know -if not practice, this type of magick, which is considered ancient and Hermetic.

Hekate's association with the stars

Hekate’s association with the stars can be seen from the other goddesses that she is connected with and their qualities. Hekate appears to be Selene (Moon) in Apollius Rodios and Ovid's Metamorphoses. In the Hellenistic period Hekate was Selene in the sky, Persephone in the Underworld (Hades), Artemis in the Earth. Nonnus (5th century a.C.) is writing that Selene is Hekate of many names. In the PGM we can find hymns and many magickal spells that associate Hekate with Selene, especially hymns to the moon.

Torches in Hellenic Mythology

One of the most well-known symbols of Goddess Hekate is the torch. Other goddesses and gods have as symbol the torch. Let's see who they are.


There are four women known with name Artemis. The first is daughter of Zeus and Persephone, the second one is daughter of Uranos and Phoebe, the third one is daughter οf Dionysos and Demetra and the fourth one that most known is the daughter of Zeus and Leto. Artemis was born in Delos Island one day before her brother Apollo was born. Her name comes from the word “artia” (άρτια) that means “entire” because Artemis was responsible for the people's health. Artemis is the daughter of Leto and Zeus. Leto's parents are titan Koios and Phoebe.

Theocritu's Pharmakeutria

Theocritus was born in 305 b.C. His roots were from Syracouses. His father was Praxagoras and his mother Philinna. He lived in Syracouses from 310- 290 b.C. in Kos from 290 - 283. He met there his teachers Nikias and Philitas. He then moved to Sicily from 283-275. His teacher was Asclepiades. In 275 - 270 he moved to Alexandria next to the palace of Ptolemaios. He met Alexander Aitolos, who was his teacher. In 270 he moved to Kos and met Leonidas the Tarantinos.

Invocation to Selene

I used the Homeric hymn to Selene, the Orphic hymn to Selene and the Idylls of Theocritus as the main sources of inspiration in order to write the following invocation.

Cleanse your space.

Erect the temple.

Anoint your forehead with pure olive oil shaping a crescent moon. 

Make the gesture of invoking/praising.

Invocation to Selene

Sister of Helios and Eos
you with the long wings
who wear a long clad.

Hekate and Selene

Selene is the daughter of Heperion and the sister of Helios (Sun) and Ios(twilight). Her name means the one who is beautifully bright, full of light. From her name, the name of Hellas derives and also the name of Helen.

Selene had many children. The mother of Pandion, the first king of Athens was one of her childen, named Pandeia. The Ores(hours) was her children too, but ώρες means the seasons. Their father was Helios.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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