Pathworking In Hekate's Cave In Samothrace

In the previous article, we saw the basics of pathworking, and as we are on a website on Hekate's cult, we will see a pathworking of the tradition of the Golden Dawn to the path of Shin, from Malkuth to Hod. In Israel Regardie's book, A Garden of Pomegranates, there is a good material of Hermetic Kabalah. Ciceros have added more material in the classical books of Regardie, upgrading them to ultimate tools for the student who is eager to learn about the tradition of the Golden Dawn. Unfortunately, in my country, these books have not been translated, but this is not a problem for us who can read English books.


Pathworking is a technique that uses imagination for magickal purposes; to gain insight, to change your physical reality, to heal yourself and deal with trauma, to meet spirits, etc. We don’t have proof if the technique of pathworking was practiced in ancient Hellas, but we can assume that Socrates when he describes the earth from the universe before he died, shouldn’t have been there with a rocket to the Moon. Platonic myths that we read in the books could be a product of Plato’s imagination to present his occult teachings to the public, but he could also give them pathworkings to work for and gain insight. Under that prizm, some of the Platonic myths and the Hellenic myths can be used for pathworking. How we do that? Firstly we need to know the myths and secondly the basics of pathworking.

Spindle Of Necessity And Strophalos

Some days ago, I followed a pathworking being in theta-gamma. The Goddess Hekate played an important role to this exercise as I asked Her to show me a symbol for my further personal evolution. From a point I could't continue with the existed story of the pathworking as the Goddess created scenes in which I coudln't interfere with my imagination. In this journey She took me to a place which I found later that it was also described in the last book of Plato's Politeia in the concept of the myth, the myth of Er. My purpose is not to reveal the pathworking but the conclusions, the myth and my commentaries.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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