Parmenides Plain and Simple

Before moving to the article, meditate on the following quote inspired by Parmenides.

Temporary is not real. –Hegel (1770-1831)


This article is not closely Hekate related but understanding Parmenides will help you understand Platonism. Read this article, buy the platonic dialogue Parmenides, read at least twice, slowly, following all the logical puzzles and come back to the article. You may also proceed with the surviving excerpts from Parmenide's poem and further studies on the nature of the On.


There are four women known with name Artemis. The first is daughter of Zeus and Persephone, the second one is daughter of Uranos and Phoebe, the third one is daughter οf Dionysos and Demetra and the fourth one that most known is the daughter of Zeus and Leto. Artemis was born in Delos Island one day before her brother Apollo was born. Her name comes from the word “artia” (άρτια) that means “entire” because Artemis was responsible for the people's health. Artemis is the daughter of Leto and Zeus. Leto's parents are titan Koios and Phoebe.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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