Live Pygmalion, Live!

In a text of Emmanuel Rhoides titled "Orestes and Pylades" we read a story about a sculptor named Pygmalion. He wanted to create a statue of Aphrodite. He spent a night working with the hammer.

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Division of Divination

Divination in her first steps was connected with the Divine. There is no divination without the true connection to the Gods and the unseen powers of the nature. Through their signs (oionoi) the will of the Gods is revealed. The method of catching and explaining these signs is divination.

Magickal Divination

The first forms of divination concluded with invocations, evocations, magical rituals and the explaining the signs. As years were passing by, those steps became complicated and only a few priests could perform them. The techniques of divination became more and with great details. Knowledge of those techniques and practice are necessary.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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