Lunar Election

I have written about the Lunar Light and the Lunar Mansions in the previous articles. I will present an example by examining the next Full Moon. We will see if it is appropriate for charging a pentagram with the energy of Hekate, to empower and guide us on daily interactions, taking decisions, making the right choice so that we can become better people and come close to Her. So, we will check if the next Full Moon is appropriate for that.

Lunar Mansions

The mansions of the Moon appear around the 10th-century a.C. in the Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology, written by Abu’l-Rayhan Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Al-Biruni. At that time we also see them on Picatrix, the main source of Medieval and Renaissance Astrological Magic. This book was translated in Latin at the 13th-century a.C. In Picatrix, we see the use of the Mansions in the first book, which is based in Zodiologion of the Hindus and we also find them in the fourth book based in Pliny’s book Zodiologion. Pliny the Elder was a natural philosopher, who lived in the 1st-century A.C.We don’t have the text of Pliny, but we have Picatrix, which is a manual that combines teachings from different astrological magickal texts of antiquity. Picatrix’s lunar mansions were also used by Henry Cornelius Agrippa.

Lunar Light

This is the first article on a series of Lunar Magick or Magick of the Moon. In Witchcraft, the energy of the moon is basically restricted in the lunar light aspect, but in the series, we are going to expand this very basic knowledge to other aspects too. As Hekate is the Goddess of the Moon and the Goddess of Magick, I think that all of Her devotees should know -if not practice, this type of magick, which is considered ancient and Hermetic.

Hymn to the Moon Daughter

O, Moon Daughter,

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Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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