Pronunciation Ancient-Modern

Some people support that the today pronunciation of the Greeks was dramatically different from the ancient. Let's see from where originates this theory and why this theory is not correct.

Guide to Pronounce Greek Words

This is a guide that will show you how to pronounce every greek/hellenic word with paradigms. We will see how sound the vowels (v), the consonants (c) and the double letters.


Table 1:

The Letters

Hellenic Language: Ancient vs Modern

Ancient and modern Hellenic: two different languages or not?

Offering: Honey Balls with and Saffron and Cinnamon

This is a traditional hellenic sweet recipe that has as main ingredients flour, honey and cinnamon. It can be used as offering so in special occasions as in every day offering routine. Total preparation and cooking time: 45 minutes.


Creating Katadesmos #2

I have already written an article about this subject but I want to expand and share another spell from PGM VII 429-458 In that spell Osiris is called with voces magicae implying their secret names. The interesting thing is that the spell is short and quick but it also requires knot magick if you release the katadesmos in special places, using again the famous voces magicaes ASKEI KAI TASKEI (as the ancient text writes).

This binding spell is very powerful as the ancient text intones. It can cause illness, make enemies, destroy and alter a situation, so use it to promote good magick according to the wiccan rede. Take a lead tablet from a water pipe of cold water. Write with a headless needle made of bronze:

Introduction to Ancient Hellenic Magick

Create Katadesmos

Katadesmoi in plural, katadesmos in singular are an ancient hellenic magickal technique. It requires a lead tablet and a nail. The desired purpose is simply written in the lead and then it is fold in half and with a nail on the center it is bound. The instructions of how to make a lead tablet efficently for magickal uses could be found in ancient papyri and ancient tablets.


In this article I am going to present to you some of the basic rules of pronunciation according to the grammar rules of ancient hellenic language, I have been taught in school.

Theurgy and Philosophy are two different methods which lead to the union with God.


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